The reproductive organs in a woman are associated with ovaries that function efficiently in performing important tasks such as the production of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen hormone aids in triggering the menstrual cycle. In the course of time, a process of ovulation takes place wherein the woman releases an egg which can eventually become a fetus if fertilized in an effective manner.   With so many important functions taking place in the ovaries, chances are that the ovaries become the breeding ground for various complications. One of the complications may be the issue of ovarian cysts.

All about Ovarian cysts

 Ovarian cysts are nothing but pockets or fluid-filled sacs that develop on the surface of one or both the ovaries of a woman. Usually, these cysts do not cause any harm to the body and tend to go away with time. Sometimes the matter gets worse and the ovarian cysts create issues once they increase in size and rupture causing damage to the ovary in the end. The enlarged ovarian cysts are prone to cause concerns such as displacement of the reproductive organs, scar tissue accumulation which adheres to the ovary to the other parts of the body as well.   Ovarian cysts are usually seen in women in the childbearing stages and hard when a woman has crossed the menopausal stage of life.

Polycystic ovarian disease

Causes of ovarian cysts

Reasons are many, but some of the main causes which result in cyst formation in the ovary include hormonal imbalances, smoking, certain medications, hypothyroidism, and even irregular menstrual cycle as well.


Ways to get rid of ovarian cysts

Even though, the cysts if they take a wrong route may cause issues to a woman, there are various ways that help in getting rid of the ovarian cysts. Some of the ways include:

Warning Signals of Ovarian Cancer and Precautions

  Medical Options

The primary medical treatment given for a cyst issue is by prescribing birth control pills which prevents ovulation resulting in a stop in ovarian cyst formation in the body. In case the issue of cyst is pertaining to the size, the medical practitioner may choose to perform surgery if necessary as well.

Natural cure techniques:

There are occasions when the natural cure techniques come in handy with the medications which work in clearing as well as preventing the formation of the ovarian cysts in the body. Some of the great benefits of abiding by the natural ways are that it ensures the lack of side effects, shows result in 3 months along with the fact that it ensures the related healing too! Some of them are discussed below.

Increasing progesterone and balancing the hormones:

Natural progesterone supplements are given to a woman suffering from cyst issue to balance the high estrogen levels.

Dietary changes:

The diet which includes fruit and vegetables and less meat and cheese has seen to be more effective in preventing the occurrence of ovarian cyst in women. Having a huge amount of water and staying away from processed food help to a great extent.

Dietary changes

Herbs and natural products:

Intake of certain herbs like maca root, Tribulus, chamomile tea, etc helps in preventing cysts and even helps in clearing the toxins as well.

Herbs and natural products


Exercising or yoga is not only great for the overall health of the body but also helps in treating the issue of cysts.

breathing exercises

Castor oil:

The application of castor oil in a particular manner has been used since ages as a reliable technique to treat ovarian cysts as well.

castor oil

Epsom salt bath:

To reduce the symptoms and pains of ovarian cysts, take a dip in Epsom salt bath on a daily basis. This would relax the related muscles and provide relief from pain.

Epsom salt bath

Remedy from heat:

Apply hot water bottles in the lower body to get relief from pain.