Warning Signals of Ovarian Cancer and Precautions

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer- the silent killer

One out of every hundred women deaths is due to ovarian cancer. The survival rate in the case of ovarian cancer is less than twenty percent since the symptoms are not distinct. Also, in most cases, before one realizes, the tumor spreads a lot making reversal next to impossible and treatment options limited. It is very difficult to detect ovarian cancer; therefore, even the mildest signs should be taken seriously. At the same time, don’t panic at the slightest unrest you feel because the chances are very low that it has actually occurred.

Ovarian Cancer

Women, in their daily roles of mothers, wives, daughters, and professionals forget to take care of themselves and usually waive off any inconvenience they feel. But you do need to be conscious of any changes in your body and its processes to be able to read the warning signs if persistent for more than two weeks.

Watch out for the following warning signals of Ovarian cancer:

Fullness, abdominal bloating

Polycystic ovarian disease
The size of the abdomen increases accompanied by a feeling of fullness as soon as even little of anything is eaten. One tends to feel under a lot of abdominal pressure and full of gas.

Acidity, indigestion, and constipation

Constant acidity or indigestion is experienced. Also, one experiences regular constipation resulting in a longer time spent in the washroom.

fighting acidity

Loss of appetite

If being an empty stomach for long hours also does not make you want to hog on food, it might be dangerous. Therefore, any sudden loss of appetite and resultant weight loss observed should make you cautious.Loss of appetite

Frequent or urgent urination

If the number of times you urinate has increased for no particular reason, watch out. The need to pee can become urgent and uncontrollable.


Lower back pain and pelvic pain

Keep a tab on an experience of pain in the lower back which radiates out to the pelvic area as well. Instead of just taking painkillers to keep it off, you should consult a specialist.

Pelvic pain


If you start feeling lethargic and get tired of doing the easiest of work or workout, be observant. Undue fatigue can be a red signal.


Clothes getting tighter

If the clothes which fit you perfectly start getting tight around the waist despite no significant increase in weight but an increased abdomen size, you need to be careful.

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Pain during sexual activity

If you experience any peculiar pain during sexual activity that was absent previously, you do need to be cautious and consult a gynecologist.

Irregular periods

Though this is quite a common thing, it might be a warning signal if persists.

Be extra careful if:

You have a history of the deadly disease in the family:

If one or more close relatives have suffered from cancer especially ovarian, breast or colon cancer, the risk is higher.

Your age is over 50:

The risk of ovarian cancer in women over fifty years of age is fifty percent higher than in younger women.

Menstruation and childbearing:

If menopause occurs after the age of fifty, the risk of development of the tumor is higher. Also, if you have not borne any children or the first child was born after the age of thirty you need to be careful if any of the above symptoms are observed.

You are on medication for fertility improvement by using drugs or a hormone therapy post-menopause, the risk is higher.

You are obese since the chances compared to the normal weight of developing this cancer are higher. Therefore, keep a check on your weight and exercise regularly.

You use talcum powder in the genital area.

Early detection can be a life-saver so insist on a complete pelvic checkup if you notice any of the above anomalies – your body might be signaling.

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