An average person urinates between four to seven times a day but what happens if you feel the constant urge to urinate? As the urge is impossible to control, it causes embarrassment especially when you are out for work. This is the result of an Overactive Bladder and the symptom of which is most acute amongst women these days. An Overactive Bladder problem causes leaking urine and having to urinate more often which needs your attention.

Overactive bladder symptoms in women

An Overactive Bladder causes the brain to signal your body to urinate if even your bladder isn’t full. Below are a few symptoms of an Overactive Bladder-

Persistent urination– eight or more times a day or more than twice at night

Urinary urgency– the immediate, strong need to urinate.

Urge incontinence– leaking urine following a sudden urge

Nocturia– overactive bladder at night

Causes of Bladder leakage in women

Women have a higher risk of developing Urinary Infections (UI) compared to men owing to various reasons. Below are a few causes of Bladder leakage in women-

  • Pregnancy, menopause and the structure of the urinary tract
  • Weak Bladder muscles
  • High intake of fluids & beverages
  • Bladder abnormality
  • Diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s
  • Failing to empty the bladder completely

Precautions to control Bladder leakage   

Mild incontinence can be treated by taking a few precautions. Check out the measures below-

  • A simple change in your diet can go a long way. Avoid foods that are citrusy and spicy.
  • Manage your weight as excess belly fat puts more pressure on the bladder and pelvic muscles.
  • Increase the intake of Vitamin D & Magnesium-rich foods in your day to day diet.
  • Train your bladder to withhold the urge to empty your bladder as much as possible

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 Home remedies for Urinary Incontinence

Overactive Bladder can be treated at home with some of the effective remedies like-

  • Pumpkin seeds- Packed with omega3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, pumpkin seed oil helps improve abnormal urinary function.

 Chinese blends- Chinese blends like Gosha-Jinki-gan ( a blend of ten herbs) and Hachi-mi-UJio-gan (a blend of eight herbs) help in controlling the urge.

 Kegel exercise- This pelvic floor exercise is known to flex muscles that are used to stop urinary flow.

 Kohki tea- This sweet tea rich in antioxidants has a protective impact on the bladder.

 Buchu- Also known as Barosma Betulina, this medicinal plant treats coughs and kidney infections to stomach aches.

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough, the last resort you can opt for is seeking medical treatment. Here are a few medical treatments for Overactive Bladder problem

  • Drug therapy
  • Bladder Botox Treatment
  • Nerve Stimulation
  • Bladder reconstruction surgery

 While these treatments can be effective but they do have some side effects like dry mouth, constipation, indigestion, drowsiness, blurred vision, and might cause severe effects too.

Confitrol – The effective bladder control supplement for women 

Tired of frequent physical exams, drug regimens & invasive testing? There is a way out without a prescription. Confitrol is one of the best bladder control supplements when it comes to narrowing down your options for a safe and effective supplement without burning your pocket.

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Confitrol is a scientifically formulated supplement with herbal ingredients which enhances the bladder function naturally without any unwanted side-effects. Let’s have a glance at the primary components of Confitrol, a proprietory blend of which is called Urox which fills & empties your bladder efficiently.

  • Raw Horsetail – An ancient ingredient with amazing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that help improves bladder health.

 Cravetox – Extracted from Craveta Nurvala tree, this plant is an age-old medicine for urinary issues and kidney stones cleaning the urinary system.

 Lindera Aggregata – A common Japanese shrub that helps improve the tone of muscles in the bladder to stop unwanted urination. 

 Benefits of Confitrol 

Confitrol comes with oodles of benefits which will give you a clear picture of how it works. Some of the fringe benefits are-

  • Strengthening bladder tissues
  • Promoting healthy urination
  • Strengthening pelvic floor muscles
  • Aids in anti-aging effects on bladder
  • Improves urinary frequency & control
  • Promotes a healthy bladder tone

 Now, keep the worries of Overactive Bladder problem at bay, with Confitrol you take charge of your bladder with amazing natural ingredients. Include Confitrol in your regime and witness the miracle yourself in a few weeks.


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