The insect family is the one, which takes no time to multiply in number and create havoc in your house and hygiene level. Ants belong to the same family and within no time, they can spread all over your house and yard. Anti-insect spray or medicines may help you get rid of ants but they can be harmful to humans too. Therefore, here are 15 natural remedies, which will keep ants away from your house.

Get rid of Ants Naturally.

Remedies to get rid of Ants Naturally

Essential oil and vodka spray:

To make this spray, mix 2 tbsp vodka with 5 drops of cinnamon, 15 drops of peppermint oil and 4 ounces of water and shake well. The strong smell of the ingredients disturbs the nervous system of ants due to which they are likely to die or run away from that particular place. Note this remedy is not suitable for the garden.

Boric acid to get rid of ants:

When ants consume boric acid, it acts as toxic to their system and is enough to kill them. Mix boric acid with few drops of honey, maple syrup and 1 tsp of peanut butter. The ants will eat it with great delight and die eventually.

Baby powder:

In order to get rid of ants with baby powder, sprinkle baby powder at the entry point of the ants. The ants will be coated in baby powder due to which they will not be able to cross the line, which will prevent ants from entering your house.

Lemon juice:

The acidic properties and citrusy smell of lemon prevent the ants from entering the house or other areas where this smell exists. Ant-proof your house with lemon juice or place lemon oil infused cotton balls wherever the ants are likely to come.

Cucumber peels act as ant-repellent.

Cucumber skin:

Ants strongly dislike the smell of cucumber peel. Just place fresh cucumber peels in your house or garden in particular areas where there is a possibility of ants to come. Make sure you replace the peels with fresh ones every second day.


Liquid Dishwashing soap:

It is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of ants. The components of liquid dish soap break the cells of the ant’s body, suffocate them and lead them to death due to dehydration.

Citrus peels to get rid of ants:

Lemon, orange, grapefruit etc., are citrus fruits and their peels contain D-Limonene in high quantity. D-limonene is nothing but the strong odour of the peels due to which the ants are discouraged to enter your house or garden. Dry the peels for a day or two, grind them and make a fine powder. Sprinkle the powder in the areas where ants are likely to come.



Apart from being a great herb, garlic is also one of the best ants/bugs repellent due to its strong smell. Just keep a few freshly peeled garlic cloves at the adobe of ants to get rid of them.

Tea tree oil:

The natural components of tea tree oil choke the ants due to which they stay away from it. Just spill a few drops of tea tree oil on ant trails and see how they vanish within no time!

Cornmeal powder:

Ants die due to either indigestion or starvation after consuming cornmeal. Sprinkle some cornmeal powder where ants usually come and they will reduce over time.

Get rid of ants naturally with Bay leaves.

Bay leaves to get rid of ants:

Another way to get rid of ants is by using bay leaves! These leaves have a very strong smell, which suffocates the ants due to which they run away from the bay leaf surrounding the area. Place some bay leaves in the corners of the house or the entry points of ants.

Red chili powder:

Similar to essential oil and other herbs red chili powder suffocates and chokes the ants to death. Just sprinkle some red chili powder over the regular passing areas of ants.


Alcohol and camphor oil:

Everyone knows the anti-insect benefits of camphor. Mixing it with alcohol helps to drive off ants from the house. Mix alcohol and camphor oil in the mixture of 1:9 and pour over the ant trails or anthills.

Vinegar to get rid of ants:

The pungent smell and acidic properties of vinegar prove quite beneficial to get rid of ants. So, mix water and vinegar in equal quantities and spray it over ant-prone areas in your house or garden.

cinnamon has a strong smell that repels ants.

Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon oil:

The stifling odor of cinnamon keeps ants away. Keep some cinnamon sticks in the probable areas and spray cinnamon essential oil over it for better results.


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