A woman’s body goes through several changes during various phases of her life. However, a few changes that look normal can be signs of cancer in women, which are often overlooked. On average, men have a 39.66 % probability of suffering from cancer while for women it is 37.55%. Irrespective of the percentage, the point to be noted is that cancer can affect anyone at any age and hence, body changes should not be ignored.

Some common signs of cancer you should not ignore

1. Blood in stools or urine

Blood in the stools can be a sign of colon cancer while blood in urine can be an early sign of kidney or cancer of the bladder. Hence, if you notice blood in your urine or stools back to back for two or more days you need to confront a doctor.

2. Bleeding between periods

The chances of women to acquire cancer are high after menopause. However, certain signs during the period’s phase should not be avoided, mainly the bleeding or spotting between two periods. This spotting can be a cause of endometrial cancer, which is nothing, but cancer of the lining of the uterus. Remember, this bleeding can be one of the major signs of cancer in women.

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3. Changes in skin appearance

If you notice sudden changes in the appearance of your skin such as skin color, a sudden increase in new spots, color changes of existing spots and moles, change in the shape of the skin, etc., you need to see the doctor. Depending upon the symptoms, the doctor may suggest for biopsy.

4. Food swallowing issues                                             

Difficulty in swallowing can be a sign of cancer in women.

Everyone goes through swallowing issues in general illness or infections. However, if you find it difficult to swallow your food for a prolonged time accompanied by weight loss and vomiting, it can be a sign of throat or stomach cancer.

5. Sudden weight loss

Some women may celebrate their sudden weight loss, which came with no efforts; but ladies you need to understand that this may point towards one of the signs of cancer. Sudden weight loss can be associated with cancer of the pancreas, stomach, lungs, or colon cancer.

6. Changes in the appearance of the breast 

A pink ribbon is the symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Breast changes can be alarming signs of cancer in women. If there is a sudden change in the appearance of your breast such as skin puckering, nipple discharge, redness of breast skin and nipples, nipples turning inward, etc., it is high time you need to visit a specialist and undergo mammography as all these symptoms points towards breast cancer.

7. Changes in the mouth                                                                           

Smoking is the major cause of Oral Cancer in Women.

This is especially for women who smoke. In case you find patches of bright red, yellow, or grey color on your lips or inside your mouth, it can be a sign of oral cancer. Visit your dentist or doctor for further information or treatment.

8. Ongoing pain or fatigue

Temporary fatigue or body pain is normal but going through, continuous fatigue or body pain can be one of the symptoms of cancer. Constant body pain or muscle pain can be a signal of bone or brain cancer. While constant fatigue without any specific reason can be a sign of blood, breast, and other types of cancer.

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