What are Moles and How to Remove Them

skin moles

What are Moles?

Moles are small dark, skin growth that is mostly round or oval in shape that may be flash colored, brown or reddish in color. Most moles are harmless and do not have to be removed due to medical reasons. Many people have moles on face or another part of the body and find them unattractive so want them to be removed due to cosmetics reasons. Facial moles get the most attention as such people, particularly women, consider the removal of those moles.

skin moles

There are Various Mole Removal Methods, some of them are given here:

  1. Removal of moles with home remedies
  2. Removal of moles with surgery 
  3. Removal of moles with laser therapy

Removal of moles with home remedies:

There are a huge amount of mole removal methods available everywhere and it has become quite difficult to choose the safe, cheap and effective method or technique for the removal of moles. Some of the methods used to remove moles may leave a scar. Home remedies are also advised by many but the use of apple cider vinegar or a piece of garlic on mole may cause a burning sensation, may scratch the surface of mole and can also leave a scar. All remedies are not suitable for all types of skin. Various creams are also advised to remove the moles but all the creams are chemical based, may have side effect and also may not remove the mole.

Removal of moles with surgery: 

Other options mostly suggested by dermatologist and skin specialist for removal of moles come under two categories surgery and laser. In surgery, various techniques are involved like excision and cutting, cauterization, cryotherapy. In cauterization electric current is used. Excision is a medical process and is applied when a more substantial mole is to be removed. In this medical process, mole needs to be removed under local anesthetic by using a scalpel to cut the mole and a side of skin around it. Based upon the depth of excision, stitches are positioned either deep in the skin or on top exterior of the skin. Stitching of skin may leave a scar. On the other hand, cryotherapy involves freezing of moles with the use of nitrous oxide. This destroys the mole and what remains of it is shaved away.

Removal of moles with laser therapy:

Laser therapy is a health care procedure that uses a mild strength laser beam to melt away the mole from the skin. One benefit of laser therapy is the healing process. Skin produces scab that heals the area around mole in the next couple of weeks and there is no need of stitches. There are two drawbacks of this method of removing moles. One it is quite costly and another factor is that it is feasible that mole may come back soon after it is removed because the laser cannot enter deeply enough.

H Moles: Natural mole product

H-Moles product is 100% natural, produced from the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from the plants. This can be used at home without visiting the doctors for laser therapy or for cryotherapy clinics. H-Moles formulation allows the product to target the root of the moles and draw it out safely and naturally. Removal of a mole is painless without leaving any scar behind. The process is easy and requires the application of the product by pouring a few drops on Q tips or use your fingers to apply tropically thrice a day to the mole. In the case of normal moles, you can see the results within two weeks to six weeks. Some moles may take longer time depending upon the size and amount of moles. This entire process may vary from person to person. This product may not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women and children below the age of 6 years. The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

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