High blood pressure patients are at a high risk of cardiac arrest, strokes, and other heart-related diseases. If you are a high BP patient, exercise should be a part of your daily routine. Exercise does not mean doing a high-intensity workout at the gym; you just need to stay active by walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc. The right exercises for high BP patients is of utmost importance.

Right exercising for high BP patients!

Right exercises for high BP patients!

Before doing any high ferocity exercise or physical activities please consult your doctor because as a high BP patient, your body is restricted to certain limitations and not all exercises are suitable for you.

Importance of right exercises for high BP patients

Studies have shown that certain exercises have different effects on the heart that protect you from heart diseases including high BP. With regular exercise, you can reduce your BP by 6-7mmHG.

Cardiac experts say that if you’re systolic BP is reduced by 5mmHg then the chances of death by blockage of blood vessels reduce by 9% and by heart attack reduces by 14%. Apart from this, regular and right exercising for high BP patients benefit in the following way:


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Reduces stress

Chronic stress is to be one of the main reasons for high BP. Exercise makes you active and forgets stress at least for the time being. In addition, if you perform fun activities like dancing, swimming, etc., as your fitness regime, you will start loving it over time and gain peace of mind.


Reduces obesity and bad cholesterol

The majority of people with high BP suffer from bad cholesterol, which adds to high BP. Regular workout sessions help you to get rid of extra body fat. It is excreted in the form of sweat. Eventually, you will not only lose weight but will bid goodbye to bad cholesterol.

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Helps in normalizing BP

Regular exercise improves the movement of your muscles and internal organs and stimulates proper blood flow in your body. On the other hand, specific exercises like yoga or other breathing exercises help to lower or normalize high BP.


Understanding how exercise affects blood pressure

As you perform your day-to-day activities, your BP may fluctuate a little above or below normal depending upon the activity performed. Similarly, during exercise, the systolic BP increases, and your heart starts pumping faster resulting in the increased flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

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The best duration and type of exercise for high BP patients

Scientifically, it is said that as a BP patient you should at least exercise 30 minutes a day. However, if you can’t keep up with it you can also divide the duration into 3 slots of 10 minutes. Aerobatic exercises like bicycling, swimming, jogging, dancing, sports activities, climbing stairs, etc., are quite beneficial for normalizing high BP.

If you choose to go for the weight training exercise, you should perform low-intensity resistance exercises only.


Precautions to take

Due to certain physical and health factors, your body may not react positively to your exercise regime. Hence, you should choose an exercise type as per the doctor’s suggestion and your activeness.

Seek immediate help from a doctor if you face tightness in your neck or jaw, chest pain, abnormal heart rate, dizziness, or severe shortness of breath.




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