Skin is the attire of our bodies. Without this crucial cover, our bodies cannot survive. It is the largest organ of our body. And it protects us from harmful sun rays, chemicals, infections, and extreme temperatures. The layers of skin constitute millions of cell structures, nerves, glands, hair follicles, and receptors. It is the connection between our bodies and the outside world.

Not only this, but the skin also makes us presentable.

However, we often ignore it as just a body part. The nourishment and protection of the skin are quintessential. We need to understand that our skin is delicate and its care will endure its performance.

Skin Nourishment

We here are coming up with discussions and topics which would be of great benefit to you. You must have noticed that the skin of a baby is extremely soft and pure. But with time it loses its softness, shine, and texture. There are various reasons for the same as:

Factors that affect our skin nourishment and protection:

1. Dirt particles in the air,
2. Exposure to chemicals
3. Harmful sun rays
4. Imbalances in hormones
5. Improper eating habits
6. Sedentary lifestyle

If one determines to take good care of one’s skin then not only one can get protection but can also achieve ever young, glowing skin. We hereby specify some of the areas of concerns which normally everyone faces:

Proper nourishment and protection of the skin are needed to save ourselves from the following skin issues:

1. Skin tanning and sunburns
2. Chemical reaction and scarring
3. Stretch marks, blemishes, and pigmentation
4. Acne and acne marks
5. Too much oiliness or dryness in skin
6. Lack of shine and suppleness
7. Accumulation of excess fats under the skin
8. Age spots and aging signs
9. Hair follicles

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