Ayurveda is deemed to be the oldest curative science. It is also termed as the “Mother of All Healing”. It originated about 5,000 years ago in the ancient Vedic culture. Ayurvedic has attained much popularity in treating different diseases. Ayurvedic medicine can cure any ailment if it is properly used. This miracle works efficiently to lower metabolic disorders also. Before knowing how Ayurveda works on metabolism disorder, we need to know about the diseases.

A brief idea of metabolic disorder

Metabolic disorders are the natural faults of metabolism that range from the deficiencies that are involved in the process metabolism process. Metabolism involves carbohydrates, amino acids, and fatty acids. A metabolism disorder happens because the process causes to provide too much or too little of the necessary substances to remain fit. There is a manifestation of metabolic disorder in different forms:

Absence of vitamins or enzymes required for chemical reactions.

Disease in different organs like the liver, endocrine gland, etc

An abnormal chemical reaction impedes chemical reactions

Specific nutrition deficiency

Different types of metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders include:


Bloating is a type of metabolic disorder that occurs when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract becomes full of air or gas. Many complain bloating as they feel swollen, complete, and tight in the abdomen. So, your abdomen becomes inflamed, painful. Common causes of bloating include gas, indigestion, chronic disorders, infection, constipation disorders, fluid retention, and, many more.

Abdominal bloating



It is also a common condition that can occur with almost all ages of people. It is because if someone cannot pass stools regularly or fully clear the bowel. So you can feel belly bloating. Stools can be lumpy and hard due to constipation. The common causes of constipation are low-fiber diet, dehydration, certain medications such as calcium, major changes in the routine, pregnancy.



Gastritis is also another type of disorder that causes inflammation in the lining of the stomach. A bacterium called H mostly causes inflammation in the stomach. Gastritis may vary from mild to severe. Common causes of gastritis include regular intake of painkillers, older age, stress, digestive disorders, bile reflux, and low fiber diet.


Also known as dyspepsia or an upset stomach is a term that refers to uneasiness in the upper abdomen. It is not a disease but you can experience symptoms like fullness in the stomach, abdominal pain, peptic ulcers, celiac diseases, gallstones, blockage in the intestine, etc.

Gaucher’s disease

It is a common metabolic disorder where there is a failure of the body to break down a certain fat.  So, there is fat storage in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow. So, there are increased risks of fractures. Bone marrow diseases affect the body’s capability to clot normally.

These metabolic diseases can be treated well with Ayurveda.  It explains such disorders as problems in absorption and digestion. Ayurveda treats metabolic disorders through the modification of the digestive system.  This can be done through proper diet, physical works, and treatment.

How does Ayurveda treat metabolic disorders?

Ayurveda treats metabolic disorders through some processes. Those are:

Treat toxins to rectify metabolic process and improve immunity

Toxins hamper the effectiveness of herbs and other treatments so they complicate metabolic syndrome. Panchakarma (purification therapy) is for the removal of toxins. The processes include:

Purification therapy

Proper preparation requires purification. The procedure involves oil the body both externally and internally. The blend of heat and oil helps to loosen the trapped toxins. The combination also opens the channels of the body so that the toxins can return to the digestive system.

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Eradication process

The second phase is the removal process.  This process is Herbal decoction enemas, purgation, Vomiting, and bloodletting, cleansing of the nasal passages and sinuses.

Medical combination

Medical cleansing with an appropriate formulation eliminates bile violation. It also helps to remove the barrier of channels.

Healing drugs

Herbs that work well on liver function help to treat metabolic syndrome.

Therapeutic emesis

Induced vomiting treats metabolic syndrome. It clears the upper gastrointestinal tract to the duodenum.

Enema using medicated oil

There is the removal of the lipid-soluble waste through the anus and lubrication of the rectal area with the oil enema usage.

Administration through nose

The nasal inhalation of medicated elements clears the paranasal sinuses and respiratory tract.

Apart from Ayurveda, yoga and lifestyle changes are necessary to combat metabolic diseases. Different yoga postures increase blood flow in the abdomen. Sufferers of metabolic syndrome should avoid oily meals, alcohol intake.

Thus, Ayurveda plays a significant role to treat metabolic disorders. Different ayurvedic medicines improve the balance in the body thus improve metabolic strength. So, patients of this ailment can depend on Ayurveda.

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