Women love to look beautiful and which is completely alright. But to what extent you should go is for you to decide. Many want it (to look beautiful) really fast and therefore, they end up spending extravagantly on Dermabrasion sessions. This is a treatment which is basically done to resurface the skin. It helps to remove acne scars as well as the ones appearing due to surgery or injuries. It also treats uneven skin tone, etc. While there might be good results of this treatment one must not forget that it has some severe side-effects too which are discussed now.

Swelling of the skin


Immediately after the procedure, you may notice that your skin is swelling. While this condition is not permanent, your skin may take at least one week to get to its natural self.

Redness in the skin


Sensitive skin will start reflecting redness soon after the procedure is over but there is nothing much to be worried about. The healing time for this condition is about 2-3 months

White Bumps


These are also known as milia and can be commonly seen on the freshly treated skin. You can use the abrasive pad to deal with them, but they are known to gradually vanish on their own.



This is yet again a common phenomenon that can be noticed after Dermabrasion. But the pores gradually minimize on their own soon after the swelling on the skin starts decreasing.

Changing skin color


This is probably the toughest side-effect of this treatment to deal with! Especially for those people who face with hyperpigmentation after this procedure. Their skin gets darker and that too in patches. This uneven skin tone takes a lot of time to get back to normal.

Some people may suffer from hypopigmentation, which is the skin lightening condition. This also brings patchiness to the skin. Both these conditions can remain lifelong!



There is a huge possibility that Dermabrasion may lead to various infections like viral, fungal, or bacterial or all three together.

Permanent scarring


Dermabrasion, treated deep down the skin, can cause severe scarring. Many times, steroid medications are used to make these scars appear subtle. But steroids have their own side-effects and can do permanent damage to your skin.

Skin reactions

There’s quite a possibility that your skin may develop irrational skin reactions and these are usually due to some kind of allergy. Flaring up of the skin will take some time to heal.

No matter what people with sensitive skin should take extra precautions if they wish to opt for Dermabrasion.

Another important fact is that this treatment is not meant for everyone. Your dermatologist will want to know your skin history (problems and medications) in order to nod yes for this procedure. If required, he may also want you to undergo a physical exam.

Please inform your doctor if you have:-

  • Taken any type of oral medication like isotretinoin.

  • Anyone in your family who has suffered from ridged areas caused by the overgrowth of scar tissue.

  • suffered from any kind of pus-filled skin condition or acne.

  • Repeated herpes infections.

  • Damaged skin due to radiation treatments or have burn scars.

You should make all your expectations clear to your doctor so that he can tell you what is achievable and what is not!