Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science of curing, comes with a reasonable approach to determine the right diet. This approach is different from the conventional view of a balanced diet based on different food groups. Ayurveda always believes that it is vital to understand the individual to find a genuinely balanced diet. According to Ayurveda, every food has its taste, cooling energy, and a post-digestive effect. When two or more foods are combined, the proper balance of foods is necessary. Otherwise, the combination comes with bloating, gas, indigestion, and other problems. Before knowing the tips about how to combine Ayurvedic and food, know about the possible benefits of following an Ayurvedic eating plan.


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Combine Ayurveda and food for Maximum Health benefits

Mindful eating

Ayurvedic practices suggest eating mindfully and intuitively. It refers to pay attention to your food. It also means that to take time to savor food, to consume when you feel hungry and stop eating when you are full.

Health improvement

The proper combination of the Ayurvedic diet helps to improve respiratory, circulatory, tumor, and other illnesses.  The proper food combination works well on type 2 diabetes. It is also helpful to improve sleep quality and duration.

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Potential weight loss

Ayurvedic dieting combination also helps to reduce weight. Different studies show that an Ayurvedic diet and yoga-based lifestyle change is a feasible approach for weight management.

To have those benefits, proper management of the Ayurvedic diet is important. So, following a few factors while preparing Ayurvedic food combination is necessary.

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Tips to follow to combine Ayurveda with food

Each food has its own density, texture, and digestive process. A fruit may get digested within an hour while beans may take quite longer. Ayurveda suggests combining similar foods with similar energies to maintain a good digestive system. The proper combining of foods as per Ayurveda tips helps to gain more nutrients, energy while reducing cravings for junk foods. Check the tips for each food type.

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Vegetable and grains

These are essential for increasing the strength of the body. Eat plenty of them. You can combine them with eggs, cheese, fish. But avoid mixing them with cream or milk sauces.




Generally, all fruits can be taken because they digest quickly. Fruits with similar texture (apple pair well with pears, citrus food pair up together) can be paired well. As melons are full of water, they should not be paired with others. Other combinations like milk and banana should be avoided as milk cause extra gas.


Meats are important for the proper growth in the body. Beware of eating chicken and bacon. Never combine it with dairy products like cheese or cream sauce. The heaviness of this combination will worsen your digestive fire.


These are a good source of proteins, fats. These go well with grains or vegetables but do not combine them with meat, dairy products, or starchy vegetables.


Raw honey is an excellent food but one should never cook it. Because then it digests gradually and becomes sticky that chokes up your digestive system.

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Hot drinks

One can enjoy a hot drink with foods except for fruits, starchy vegetables, and dairy products. Also, avoid mixing it with proteins like meat and fish.


Many combine beans with cheese to experience health benefits. But, both are difficult to digest and may cause constipation and bloating.

Butter, ghee

Though butter can be paired with different foods, ghee is a better alternative as it will digest better.

These are some of the points that one should keep in mind while preparing a perfect Ayurvedic diet plan. An efficient diet plan is beneficial to get different health benefits.

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