Many articles and posts talking about losing weight overnight, which tends to be a myth and nothing else. Well, there are no shortcuts to health, okay. You need to plan every step beforehand while going on a weight-loss action. So research well, grab every bit of knowledge before you get started with it. Nonetheless, here is the list of weight loss methods you can try at YOUR OWN risk.

Are you resorting to unhealthy weight loss methods?

1. Starve to lose weight

Starving yourself is not cool. It is the biggest sin you can commit. Moreover, the fact is starving does not make you feel healthy it makes you weak! So do not do it. Starving is skipping the meals, which deprive the body of essential nutrients, which in turn weakens the muscles and makes it prone to ailments. This is not what you wanted, right?

2. Going on rigid diets

Keep distance from rigid diet

Rigid diets do more harm than good

Following the same diet plan in the long-term deprives the body of certain nutrients. A fixed diet on a daily basis does not provide stable weight loss results and nutritional value that you deserve.

It is noteworthy that diet plays an integral part in the weight loss process. Hundreds of diet plans are designed to fit the needs and requirements of people. These are planned while keeping in mind the body type, the set goal, height, weight, and medical history of the subject, thus they are not “Befitting for all”. A lot goes into deciding what to eat and what not for healthy weight loss. Consult your nutritionist before taking the ultimate step.

3. Consumption of pills and drugs

Pills and drugs are definitely unhealthy weight loss methods.

Okay, so this is one cause, which needs to be addressed. Consumption of pills and drugs without consulting a medical professional is a dangerous weight-loss method. It can lead to serious repercussions that you obviously do not want. High reliability on these medications results in allergies and side effects that worsen the condition of your body let alone making it healthier.

4. Over-exercising

Avoid over exercising for weight loss

Too much overexercising has adverse effects on health.

Exercising along with an accurate diet is what will make you achieve what you long for; having said that exercising for too long can take a toll on you. Exercising causes the rupturing of muscles. Therefore, muscles need apt time to recover; exercising for a long duration or not resting properly can damage the muscles permanently.

5. Smoking

no smoking

Smoking kills, it does not cause weight loss!

Very many people think that smoking can make them thinner. If you are one of them who believe in smoking as one of the weight loss methods, just drop this idea out of your head ASAP. Smoking does nothing of that sort. On the contrary, it increases the risk of stroke and brain damage and many other problems. For a healthy body what you need to do is – QUIT SMOKING, today itself.

6. Depending on protein shakes

As much as protein shakes are important for the muscles to strengthen, high dependency on them can be detrimental to your health. Eating your regular meal at least once is essential for the growth of the body. Cutting off the normal routine meal means the deficiency of essential nutrients that cannot be substituted by protein shakes ever.

7. Being too strict with yourself

Be kind to yourself while striving for weight loss.

Following a disciplined diet is amazing but being harsh on your own body is not. Your body is yours and you are responsible for everything that happens to it- Good or Bad. Thus, be wise with your choices and pamper yourself occasionally.


Losing weight takes time, but you should not lose hope. Stick to the plan, stay positive, and trust yourself to the core, the magic will happen for sure.

Hence, try the above weight loss methods only at your own risk.

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