Someone asked, “Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver”. You just can’t take your liver for granted by indulging in unhealthy practices. Probably the best way to prevent liver damage is by following simpler ways in life.

Simple and effective ways to prevent liver damage

Lose weight

You are at risk if your body weight is more than it should be, as it can affect your liver with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This disease grows faster in the obese body. Go seriously for weight-loss, as it will help in reducing liver fat.


Always have a balanced diet

Balance in diet keeps your life in perfect balance. Avoid saturated fats, refined carbs like white bread and rice, sugar, regular high-calorie meals, and undercooked seafood. Add healthier food in your diet that includes whole grain bread, veggies and fruits, cereals, and brown rice, etc. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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Exercise every day

Exercising and jogging are important as it burns triglycerides that reduce fat from the liver making it healthier.

Discreet use of Alcohol

Nothing creates more life-terminating situations than alcohol if taken in ample quantity regularly. Indiscrete intake of alcohol could permanently damage and destroy liver cells. Moderate dose or no alcohol policy is the best answer to prevent liver damage.

Detoxify your body

Toxins cause damage to the liver cells, so avoid toxins to prevent life-threatening damage to the liver. Shun direct contact from pesticides, chemicals, and additives. One also must practice cleaning rooms every day to avoid toxins.

Exercise care in sexual relations

Exercise the care, as intimate relations with different partners and unprotected sex, can enhance the risk of acquiring liver diseases such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Usage of Illicit drugs

Avoid the use of illicit drugs such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroin, stimulants, and sedatives, as these could seriously damage your liver.

Shun unclean needles

Unsafe injection practices by a few doctors and unclean needles for tattoos and body piercings could cause liver damage. Keep the distance!

Personal hygiene

Wash your hands with soap and warm water right after using the washroom. Also, when you need to change a diaper. Cleaning hands before preparing or eating food is a good habit to keep away infections and prevent liver damage.

Exposure to blood

If your blood comes into direct contact with someone else’s blood by any virtue, call on to your doctor or the emergency in the hospital. You might be susceptible to catch the liver infection.

Right medications

Unsuitable medication, when combined with other medicines, can harm your liver. Keep a fair time-space between taking medication and alcohol. Be careful about taking any medicine without doctor’s advice.

Get yourself vaccinated for hepatitis A and hepatitis B, although for the hepatitis C virus there is no vaccine available as yet. The best way to prevent liver disease is to stay away from harmful elements as your life is precious for you and the people around you.


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