What is black garlic

White-garlic converts to black garlic in a month’s process, after fermenting in controlled heat between 65-80 C° and humidity between 70-80%. This curing process called Maillard process; it converts white-garlic to a darker, jelly-like textured and practically odorless element. This also changes its chemical nature and its overall potency.

Nutritional benefits of black garlic

The benefits of garlic are immense due to the presence of various types of phytochemicals. This positively benefits in more than 150 diseases. Black garlic inherits most of the properties of white garlic but nutritionally this has much higher contents. Black garlic is high on allicin. The enzyme alliinase converts alliin into allicin when a fresh garlic chopped. This is what gives garlic a distinct aroma. The beneficial allicin is unstable and changes into a series of other sulfur-containing compounds.

black garlic

Black garlic according to the researchers is about twice as powerful as the white-garlic. Black garlic has more stable and odorless allicin in greater quantity. Allicin is a very effective antibiotic and eliminates the bodies that resist antibiotics. That way, black garlic is a more effective weapon than white garlic to fight antibodies. Black garlic adds up to other compounds such as water-soluble S-allyl cysteine (SAC). It is a powerful antioxidant, as it absorbs easily and has less toxicity than other compounds, naturally found in garlic.

Good heart support

The properties of the conventional white-Garlic are no less, but Black Garlic has gained more popularity recently. Black garlic is rich in amino acids phyto-compounds, and antioxidants. These nutrients are vital in restoring overall health issues, especially the heart. It supports the heart to function normally. It has the abundance of manganese, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamins B6 and C, which are beneficial for the bones and the thyroid. Black garlic improves circulation and cardiovascular health by eliminating clotting, checks plaque, improves lipids, and controls the blood pressure.

General benefits of black-garlic

  • Body cleanser- Black garlic is an effective cleanser of lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium types of heavy metals.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces osteoporosis
  • Boosts immunity in the body

Anti-cancer properties

Black Garlic has potentially high antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-parasitic properties. It checks the proliferation process of 14 kinds of cancer cells of the brain, lung, breast, and pancreas. This speeds up the repairing process of DNA to control cancer.

Protection from free radicals

It has the tremendous level of antioxidants that protects from the free radicals that are damaging to the body cells that include the cells that cause heart diseases. Therefore, black garlic is good for the chronic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer disease, circulatory problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Antiaging properties

The powerful antioxidants in black garlic protect the cells that could degenerate because of the free radicals. The disease-protected cells slow down the aging process considerably.

Black garlic should be the regular part of the diet plan for its enormous benefits. As black garlic contains immense antioxidant properties to promote good health and slow down the aging process.

Ideal Time to Drink Coconut Water

Ideal Time to Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water works wonderfully for athletes or one who faces the brunt of summer heat. It is an elixir that is low in calories and high on instant energy. Its minerals and enzymes make it almost a complete health drink. Although the fresh coconut water can be had any time but drinking this water at the right time benefits maximum. This is what you would know here that when you can extract its maximum benefits.

coconut water

Coconut Water Contents

One cup or 240 grams of coconut water contains: –

Calories                                   46

Carbs                                       9 grams.

Fiber                            3 grams.

Protein                                   2 grams.

Vitamin C                   10% of the RDI

Magnesium                15% of the RDI

Manganese                 17% of the RDI

Potassium                   17% of the RDI

Sodium                                    11% of the RDI

Calcium                                  6% of the RDI


Ideal Time to Drink Coconut water: 

Early in Morning

The coconut water on an empty stomach, early in the morning is magical for the stomach and entire body. This helps cool your digestive system by taking off acidic properties. This enhances immunity, thanks to a compound present in this called lauric acid. That also regulates the metabolism that is best for losing weight. In pregnancy, women can do away with constipation and hydrate themselves effectively. This also helps in morning sickness and heartburn.


Workouts Before and After

Acclaimed for being the great sports drink, the athletes rely on this to hydrate bodies and boost up their energy level before they begin the workout. Post workouts, coconut water helps in restoring lost electrolytes and energy that reduces fatigue. This is certainly a great health drink rich in minerals more than the most health drinks.


Drink before meals

A fresh glass of Coconut water before the meals have immense benefits for the digestive system.  It’s a great appetizer and controls the bloating issues of many who have it post-meals. As this keeps the metabolism going nicely, it helps control the blood pressure. The electrolytes in the body give energy and good digestion keeps the body machine going. Post meals, a glass of coconut water help the body in a similar fashion.


Get rid of Hangover

People try different methods to get rid of a bothersome hangover in the morning. Some take the lemon, drink fluids, ginger, or just sleep it off, but coconut water is the best cure for the hangover. Hangover is the result of the dehydration that causes headaches and nausea, coconut known for balancing electrolytes hydrates body to get rid of the hangover.


Coconut water and antioxidant properties

Coconut water contains antioxidants and modify free radical molecules works for repairs of the body cells. Drink coconut water when having stress or high blood pressure. Take fresh coconut water 3-4 times a day to find the positive changes in the body.

Kidney stones and coconut water

The water is generally good for the relief in kidney stones but coconut water is even better with its nutrient value. The researchers are busy in reaching to a logical conclusion but experiments with coconut water until now have proved to be positive in reacting with the stones.

Just what the experts prescribe, coconut water taken at the right time effects the most.

Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Banana Juice

Health Benefits of Drinking Banana Juice

Most of the individuals believe that banana is just an energy booster fruit. It offers a lot more than just the calories you consume. The banana supplies a wide range of nutrients, which everybody needs for a healthy physique. These are a few noticeable health benefits of drinking banana juice, which make it a healthy fruit for everyone.

A great source of essential vitamins:

Bananas are renowned for supplying an ample quantity of essential vitamins, which include vitamin C, B3, B5, and vitamin B6. These vitamins are quite beneficial for the immune system. The regular intake of banana juice improves immunity and also aids the nervous system.

Better digestion:

You will never suffer with digestion related health issues, if you consume banana juice on a daily basis. The bananas are rich in fiber and fiber is considered quite beneficial for digesting food. It improves the movement of the consumed meals in the alimentary canal. All the meal you consume gets ingested well and therefore you never suffer with digestion related health issues. The banana juice is quite beneficial for preventing bowel movement related disorders.

digestion system

Improves brain power:

Parents should daily provide their kids with one glass of banana juice in the breakfast because it improves their memorizing capacity. The research shows that bananas are rich in potassium and potassium aids in making pupil alert, which is necessary to improve the gripping power of the brain.


Energy booster:

The banana is called a natural supplier of two essential sugars, known as glucose and fructose. When it comes to getting an instant energy boost, there is no other better option than the banana juice. It can take your energy to the next level and you will gain enough power to complete many difficult jobs without feeling tired. The banana juice works as a great athletic and energy booster juice for everyone, who needs more power.

It is a stress regulator:

The tryptophan is quite essential to stimulate the production of serotonin that eventually helps in improving user’s mood. The banana juice offers a rich supply of tryptophan and that’s why it can keep you calm and stress-free all the day.

Stress effects on men

A perfect health drink for stronger bones:

The health experts believe that regular intake of banana juice can improve the bone strength. This health drink offers an ample supply of fructooligosaccharide that improves the production of probiotic bacteria. The probiotic bacteria is good for human health and located in the colon, which improves the absorption of essential nutrients. It also improves the production of essential digestive enzymes and vitamins that offer further health benefits.

The banana juice is an antioxidant powerhouse:

The bananas are also famous for providing an abundance of antioxidants. The regular intake of banana juice can reduce free radicals and it can ultimately prevent the health issues caused. The banana juice offers a rich supply of potassium, which is quite essential for a better cardiovascular health.

All these health benefits of banana juice prove that it is one of the most significant health drinks; you should take every day to be fit and healthy for the lifelong time.

Health Related Benefits of Beetroot

Why should you include Beetroot in your diet?

Is beetroot a part of your diet plan or not? You must include it in your regular diet, if the answer is no. It is one of the best organic foods you can have to control blood sugar levels and boosting sexual stamina. Continue reading to reveal more about why should you include beetroot in your diet.

It reduces blood pressure:

Beetroot provides a rich supply of nitrates, which turn into nitric oxides when consumed. The nitric oxide and nitrates, both work to widen the arteries and consequently lower the blood pressure. There is no need to take medication, if you can eat around 500g beetroot. That much quantity of beetroot is enough to control the blood pressure at-least for six hours, as found in the studies. Therefore, the blood pressure patients must include beetroot in their diet.


Quite beneficial for health during maternity period:

When it comes to maintaining good health during the maternity period, beetroot is an ideal ingredient to eat. It supplies ample amounts of folic acid, which is quite crucial for pregnant ladies and their unborn child. Folic acid helps in developing the spinal cord of the unborn child and it is also essential for preventing the child against spina bifida. Beetroot also works as an energy booster substance for pregnant women, who need more energy during this period.

healthy pregnancy

It helps in keeping bad cholesterol levels under control:

Beetroot contains a rich quantity of betacyanin, soluble fibers, and flavanoids. Beetroot gains purplish-red color only because of the presence of Betacyanin and it is a healthy antioxidant. This compound present in beetroot helps the user in reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol to a very low extent. It also prevents the deposit on the walls of arteries. Beetroot is a healthy ingredient for all the heart patients, who do not want to experience the heart attack and stroke in the future.


Great for diabetics:

Beetroot is a great ingredient to soothe the sweet cravings. It is a healthy ingredient that is a medium glycaemic index vegetable. It means beetroot does not release sugar into the consumer’s blood quickly. It helps in maintaining ideal sugar levels and at the same time, it works as an organic sweetener. It is also a great choice for dieters, who want to consume low-fat ingredients for a better health.


Prevents Osteoporosis:

The human body needs silica to utilize the consumed calcium effectively. Beetroot supplies an ample amount of mineral silica and thus it improves the consumption of calcium. The calcium is used to strengthen the bones, teeth, and prevent osteoporosis. Only one glass beetroot juice is enough to improve bone strength and avoid the danger of osteoporosis.


Detoxification support:

Beetroot contains betalin pigments, which is essential for the detoxification process. All the toxins are removed out from the user’s body and consequently the user feels better.

All in all, beetroot is that organic food which can provide a number of health benefits. It prevents the user against several dangerous health issues and that’s why it should be an integral part of the daily diet.

Immense Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds and its immense Health Benefits

The seeds of watermelon were always thrown off after eating the juicy red part of the watermelon, without realizing its great benefits to the body. However, the seeds are rich in nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, and selenium that are essential for health. These seeds can be eaten in any form by roasting or sprouting. Now check out more about watermelon seeds and its immense health benefits.

Health Benefits


Low in Calories

Watermelon seeds have very low calories but high on micronutrients. An ounce has approx. 400 seeds and 158 calories. This has far less calories comparing to the same quantity of potato chips. The watermelon seeds are filling and yet low on unwanted calories. These are excellent for the people who want to keep their bodyweight under control.

Watermelon seeds for the hair

Watermelon seeds have a certain amount of protein that facilitates the hair with good health. The seed is also rich in iron that strengthens hair and promotes hair growth. It prevents the hair from being dry and dull. The minerals present in the seeds such as magnesium and copper are very beneficial.  The copper produce melanin, a pigment that maintains the color of hair. Amino acids prevent brittleness of hair.

Good for Glowing Skin

Fatty acids, Oleic acid, and linoleum acid in the seeds benefit the skin by giving it a glow and healthy color. The unsaturated fatty acids keep skin moist, glowing, and smooth. The acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and other spots of the skin also perish when its oil is applied on the affected part. The antioxidants present in the seeds are the bliss for the skin.

Good for cardiovascular health

Watermelon seeds are found to be excellent for the heart as it boosts the metabolism that keeps blood pressure under check. Arginine compound present in it helps heart and hypertension to function properly. Omega-6 fatty acid in it helps the circulation to function as desired.

Diabetes cure

The nutrients required to cure diabetes type 2 are all present in the watermelon seeds. As the studies have found this, the tea made with these seeds and its powder helps control diabetes. Magnesium regulates carbohydrate metabolism that helps blood sugar level directly to remain under prescribed limits.

Nutritional Benefits

The seeds are packed with most of the nutrients that are attained from many kinds of foods. These have proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, iron, minerals and other nutrients. This ‘super food’ has all that it takes to make it perfect food as minerals potassium, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, and phosphorous are present in it. Include that into your regular food and enjoy its immense benefits.

Keeps Nervous System in order

The vitamin B complex, vitamin V6, niacin, folate, thiamine, pantothenic acid etc. present in it has been seen to impact nervous system in a positive way. Niacin not only maintains nervous system but also sustains stomach health.

Check out watermelon seeds and its immense health benefits as described above and make it a part of your daily routine.

Sources: http://www.gyanunlimited.com/health/10-best-health-benefits-of-eating-watermelon-seeds/11203/


Food Nutrients that Enhance Your Auditory Senses

Enhance Your Auditory Senses With Food Nutrients

Never ever before the people thought about the food’s nutrient-power can work wonders for boosting the auditory senses. Vitamins and minerals have the key roles to play in maintaining and running the body system smoothly. So, what are the foods that can relate to the well-being of ears and hearing powers? Check out food nutrients that enhance your auditory senses:


The minerals present in some foods are excellent to boost hearing:


The Zinc is known for its benefits in prostate and bolstering immune system of the body, but its benefits in supporting hearing problems are no less. It is useful in tinnitus, a hearing issue when buzzing and ringing the ears continues owing to old age or some injury. 50g of Zinc in food or through supplements, taken daily for two months, reduces the symptoms by 82%. It also helps when there is a sudden hearing loss. Zinc can be obtained from oysters, nuts, pumpkin seeds, eggs, and dairy products, beef, shrimps, kidney beans, flax seeds, Lima beans, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, oysters, garlic, spinach and watermelon seeds.



Potassium contents get low with the increasing age. Potassium is known to support the inner ear fluid that drops with the age as well. This drop in liquid level causes hearing issues. The foods rich in Potassium such as potatoes, spinach, dairy products including low-fat milk, cottage cheese & yogurt, bananas, melons, oranges, raisins, and apricots can enhance auditory senses.



Magnesium helps in different health disorders of the body besides hearing problem. It enhances the sensitivity of internal ear organs. Lack of magnesium causes shrinkage of the blood vessels in the inner ear that deprives ear with oxygen affecting the auditory powers. Consume magnesium rich food like potatoes, artichokes, bananas, spinach, broccoli, dark chocolates, leafy green vegetables, Brazil nuts & pumpkin seeds, dry fruit, avocados, and dairy products to avoid hearing issues.


Folic Acid

Several studies have linked ‘low-folic acid’ level with hearing loss issue. A folic acid is a synthetic form that is used as the dietary supplement. This helps the body to produce new cells and maintain old ones. The nutritional imbalance is the factor attributed for hearing loss, and Folic acid along with few vitamins like Vitamin B-9 can help maintain the hearing powers. Folic acid is also obtained from fortified breakfast cereal, liver, chickpeas, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus.

Omega 3

The high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D generally found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, trout or sardines, carry encouraging positive effects on hearing loss. Studies have shown that adults who ate fish twice a week, had a 42% lower chance of facing age-related hearing loss than non-fish eaters. Besides fishes, it is found in vegetable oils, walnuts, seafood, flaxseeds, and soy products. EPA and DHA are high saturated fatty acids found mostly in cold water fishes.

Omega 3


Vitamins A, C, & E along with the minerals keep free radicals in check and fortifies whole immune system of the body and maintain good hearing health too. Vitamin B1,2, 3,6, 9, 12 are essential for the system that keeps the hearing issue at check. The food laced with vitamins is leafy veggies, nuts, dairy products, red & yellow bell peppers, almonds, hazelnuts, carrots, lentils, potato, and salmon.



Sources: http://www.healthyhearing.com/report/51181-Boost-your-hearing-with-these-power-foods


Health Benefits of Parsnips

Health Benefits of Parsnips

Foremost among health benefits of Parsnips are its cardio-vascular and anti-diabetes properties as it controls diseases at the initial stages, besides helping in controlling bad cholesterol. This is also an anti-depressant, promotes growth, and strengthen the immune system of the body. It helps normal blood pressure regulation and keeps cardiovascular and general health in fine shape.

What is Parsnip?

Parsnip is a root vegetable grown mostly in Europe and Asia. This can be included in carrot and parsley family. A biennial plant where with long and tuberous parsnip grows under the soil in its roots. It is grown for its fleshy, edible, and cream-colored taproots. This is eaten raw like carrots and can be cooked too in several ways. Its contents are vitamin and mineral rich that make it a vegetable to look for its immense benefits.


Parsnip – a reservoir of nutrition

Parsnips are anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer besides being rich in healthy ingredients:

Minerals– Potassium, Manganese, magnesium, zinc, and iron

Vitamins- Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

Parsnip contains (100 gm) – 75 calories, 80% water, 5% sugar, 1% protein, 0.3% fat, and 5% dietary fiber.

Antioxidants-  Falcarinol, falcarindiol, Panaxydiol, and Methyl-falcarinol

Health Benefits

Ensures Cardio Vascular Health

Parsnip is heavily laden with potassium which acts as a vasodilator, a compound that prevents contraction of veins & arteries. The blood pressure remains in check because of this, enabling heart to function normally, it’s a de-stressor also. Parsnip always got a raw deal by health enthusiasts who focused on certain fruits and veggies, now they understand its true health benefits.


Supplies fine source of fiber

Parsnip is a fair source of soluble fiber that helps reduce bad cholesterol in the circulation system, which helps control diabetes also. The fiber present in it has immense benefits for the stomach related ailments, beginning from constipation. The fiber helps the food to pass smoothly through intestines.

source of fiber

Birth defect risk diminishes

Regularly eating Parsnips reduces neural tube birth defects in infants because of the presence of Folate. This also helps mothers to get away from depression before and after the delivery.

Supports Weight management

People trying various foods for weight reduction should try this for weight loss. The contents present in parsnip prevents Ghrelin’s secretion that is a hunger hormone. After having this, one eats less than what is eaten in whole day, this helps control the body weight.

Fortifies Immune system

Vitamins C & E present in ample quantity in parsnip help the body to get rid of free radicals. Vitamin C is instrumental in producing white blood cells that boost immune system and keep off harmful microbes away. This also keeps out cancerous cells and boosts overall power to fight the diseases.

Growth and body development

If protein is added to the parsnip based recipe, it makes a complete nutritional food. The protein contents are very low in parsnip but other contents are rich to make it a wholesome food. Replace junk snacks like potato chips etc. with turnip based snacks. This will bring about a balance in the diet which will help in warding off the diseases and help immensely in body growth. The side dish or main course, the turnip can be cooked in a variety of tastier ways. The turnip can be baked with potato or bacon, creamy parsnips, in salad, soups, and curries etc.




20 Incredible Benefits of Parsnips

Best Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Best Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Strong immunity system ensure healthy body and mind. What you eat can majorly influence your immune health. Certain foods may actually reduce your chances of getting sick, while others can help you to recover more quickly if you do get ill. Therefore, make sure that  your diet is full with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables that enhance immunity. Here are Best Foods to Boost Your Immunity, check out:

Iron-Rich Foods

Iron-Rich Foods

Iron is a mineral that plays a significant role in your immune function. For that reason it is very important to intake little iron in your daily diet  in the form of meat, eggs, fish, shellfish, legumes, nuts, seeds, cruciferous vegetables and as well as dried fruit. Iron rich foods contain vitamin C that help to boost your immunity. You can also improve iron consumption from foods by using cast-iron pots and pans to cook.

Citrus Fruit

citrus fruits

Immunity booster fruits like oranges, grapefruits and tangerines are high in Vitamin C. It is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps  to maintain the veracity of your skin. It also acts as a protective blockade against infection. So, consuming vitamin C in is a great way to strengthen your immune system .



Turmeric has seen a vast increase in reputation over the last number of years. The active element is well known for its anti provocative, antioxidant and  as well as antibacterial properties. It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and detoxifies the liver. There are lots of ways to consume turmeric in your daily diet  to boost  your immunity. Try to have  a cup of turmeric along with tea daily to boost  your immunity system.



Ginger is an important remedy for cramping, nausea  as well as travel sickness. It is  also a great element for boosting your immune systems . Try to use it as a flavor and add to your stir-fries. You can also add a knob of fresh ginger root to your cup of ginger tea in the mornings.



Garlic also contains energetic compounds  which help to reduce your risk of infection.You can add aroma and taste to your preferred dish as its dietary benefits are countless. Its active ingredient protects  your  body from infections and disease. It also support for a healthy heart and reduces cholesterol as well.It also support  for healthy, glowing skin and also help to protect our skin from the effect of free radicals.



Berries are a rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols. It  is well known for its immune boosting properties.  Its antioxidants and polyphenols play a vital role to fight cancer and other unceasing diseases. Try  to add them to your crumbles, muffins or yogurts gather their nutritional benefits .


plain yogurt

Yogurt holds live bacteria that are good for your health,mainly your digestive system as they help to keep your gut  more healthy. It helps  to stimulate your immune system and fight illnesses. Make it your daily habit by serving  it with some warm stewed fruit to boost your Vitamin C.

Try to include these Best Foods to Boost Your Immunity in your daily diet to keep your immune system forever strong and healthy.




16 Amazing Healing Powers of Onions

Amazing healing powers of onions

Onions just not add taste and aroma to your food but also provide immense health benefits which help you to stay at bay from infections and diseases. There are many amazing healing powers of onions. Check out:

1. Owing to their natural anti-biotic, carminative, antiseptic and antimicrobial ability, onions work best on infections and are recommended as a home remedy for controlling symptoms of flu, cold, etc.

healing powers of onions

2. Due to its natural cleansing, anti-microbial properties, it helps in controlling sore throat, allergies, etc. and other issues hindering proper respiration. When used with honey, ginger or garlic, the properties advance and body receives higher benefits.

Health benefits of garlic

3. When used topically with turmeric juice, onion juice helps in lightening pigments or dark patches from the skin.

4. Placing a cut piece of onion on the forehead has been stated to be an at-home healing solution of countering the damaging impact of fever on body.

5. Supplying body with ample Vitamin B, C, sulphur, potassium, fibers, etc., onions are great at enabling better nutrition for the body.

6. Incorporating an onion a day in your diet will develop the body against insomnia and other sleeping disorders.


7. Known for numerous nutrients and their natural ability to enable healthier digestion, onions can also be used to heal digestive complaints and seek enhanced digestion.

8. It is widely believed that inhalation of a tiny onion piece can aid in controlling or stopping nosebleeds.


9. Applying onion juice helps in reducing the damage of an insect or bee bite however, topical application may trigger a burning sensation.

10. Onion has been stated to control malicious cells of cancer from growing, especially in colon cancers and can be used as a preventive measure.

11. Triggering a boost in insulin, onions work great for diabetics as they naturally aid in keeping blood sugar levels balanced.


12. Arthritis inflammation (joints) can be managed through onion application and intake as the latter has regenerative, protective properties that control inflammation.


13. A famous solution for clear vision drops for babies, onion juice can be used by adults to heal their vision and ear issues as it drives naturally immunity and regeneration up.

14. Consumption of onions regularly aids in boosting the body against osteoporosis as well as atherosclerosis.

15. One of the healing powers of onions is to cure toothaches as well as tooth decaying complaints can also be resolved with use of onions on a regular basis.


Onion juice for hair Growth

Onion juice boosts collagen production and helps in regrowth in hair. Chop few onion and squeeze out the juice. Apply juice to the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse the hair with mild shampoo. You can do the same 2-3 days in a week for best results.

Onions are rejuvenating in nature and this means that their application as well as consumption will trigger a balanced healing in the body. With intensive nutritional supply as an added bonus, onions are a convenient go-to solution as it can be cooked pretty decently without any advanced culinary efforts.

10 Foods That Protect and Cleanse Lungs

10 Foods That Protect and Cleanse Lungs

Lung diseases are among the headlining causes of death and aren’t reserved to just smokers or cardiac patients. Respiratory ailments can attach anyone, and be mild as well as severe and in most cases, life-threatening. Comprising a range of complaints such as pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, etc. Lung issues are reportedly among the top killer among adults as well as elders. While many desperately look for clean air and anti-pollution solutions, a lung health boosting diet is just as important. Here are important foods to eat if you intend to protect and cleanse lungs:

1. Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, etc. belong to the cruciferous vegetables (cabbage family) and offer plenty of antioxidants and aid in natural toxin cleansing of lungs.


Cabbage to cleanse lungs

2. Sweet Potato, Mango, Papaya, Pumpkin, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, offer high amount of Carotenoids which is among top rejuvenating antioxidant. As carotenoids reach the body, they get transformed into vitamin a which is highly potent for curbing asthmatic complications.

Sweet Potatoes

3. Omega-3 fatty acids aid not only in curbing wrinkles but are also supported by clinical evidence regarding their balancing effects on asthma. Though fish, flaxseed, and nuts are among top sources, many natural supplements and fish oils can also be sought.


4. Folate rich foods are also helpful in countering lung carcinogens while keeping the damage of cancer down and can be sought through consumption of beets,spinach, lentils, asparagus.


5. Vitamin C is rejuvenating, anti-free radical cells and amazing for revitalizing the immunity. Typically found in citrus fruits, vitamin C not only cleanse lungs but also helps in countering ill effects of aging and can be sought through Kiwifruit, Grapefruits, Tomato Juice, Strawberries, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cantaloupe Melon, Pineapples, Mango, etc.      Broccoli

6. Berries (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Goji, Banana, etc) supply antioxidants (Polyphenols, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Anthocyanins, Flavonoids, Beta-Carotene, etc) to body, controlling the risk of cancer while enhancing natural healing power.


7. Flavonoids powerhouses, apples, are the perfect fruit to counter stress, skin issues and additional benefits of respiratory function enhancement only make it better.


8. Anti-Inflammatory Ginger aids in clearing of the lungs (literal cleansing) while controlling any inflammation along with any sort of respiratory infection.

Dry Ginger 9. Garlic is well known for its medicinal benefits and its anti-inflammatory properties along with allicin presence make it a great solution for fishing infections. It further boosts natural immunity, triggers the elimination of free radical cells and assists in keeping asthma issues at bay.   Health benefits of garlic 10. Turmerica spice famous for its cosmetic and medicinal properties, is largely sought for its healing power. But its anti-inflammatory feature allows it to function perfectly to rid the lungs of cancer cells.

TurmericOther foods include Chili, Onions, Fenugreek, Goldenseal, Mullein, Eucalyptus, etc that can be incorporated into daily diet through salad, for garnish or as spices. Cooking with these foods is fairly easy but you should make sure that you are getting ample amount through a consistent pattern to enable better nutrition absorption.

Most of all, maintaining a balance of nutritional intake and limited or restricted intake of stress inducing ingredients, foods and sugary treats will ensure optimal lung health results.