8 Skincare Tips for Men and Women over 40

Skincare for men and women over 40

Turning 40 can be a great milestone in life, but your skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles start showing at the age of 40 and above. This is, therefore, the best time for you to start taking good care of your skin. Although there are several pieces of advice on the use of natural food supplements some of them might not work well for your skin. You need to know and follow the specific skincare tips for men and women over 40. Read on further-

Skincare goals for those above 40!
Check out Skincare goals for those above 40!

8 skincare tips for men and women over 40 that you need to follow

Tip#1: Drink water

After 40 years your skin starts losing both moisture and natural oil thus making it be dry. One way of replenishing natural moisture in your skin is by drinking a sufficient quantity of water as per your body requirement, daily. Take care that you drink water very slowly, say drop by drop so that you can get the full benefit of drinking water for your health and skin. This will make your skin to be soft and look brighter because of enough natural moisture in it.

 Tip#2: Apply skin lighteners

As you age, dark spots or age spots start appearing on your skin, thus making your skin look unattractive. To combat these age spots you need to apply a skin lightener that will remove them from your skin or make them unnoticeable.

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Tip#3: Use a moisturizer

Besides the use of water, you can also use moisturizers for skincare because they help to reduce wrinkles appearing on your skin. There is a wide variety of natural moisturizers that you can use, but you should consider choosing a non-greasy brand to avoid clogging your skin pores. Homemade moisturizer recipes are more beneficial and safe for your skin.

skincare for Women over 40

Tip#4: Get 8 hours of sleep

Getting 8 hours of enough sleep is probably one of the best ways that make your skin look younger. As you sleep your skin cells are rejuvenated thus making them attack those harmful agents in your skin. This will keep your skin healthy and thus, for this reason, getting enough sleep should be a priority for yourself.

Tip#5: Kick your bad habits

Certain habits such as smoking, eating too much fast food, drinking heavily, and lots more create skin discoloration. If you want to gain a youthful look especially after 40, then consider quitting or kicking out some of the bad habits in your life.

Tip#6: Exercise

Skincare for men and women over 40
Skincare for men and women over 40

Clinical research has shown that regular exercise is beneficial to your skin. By engaging in an exercise blood will flow very well thus supplying enough oxygen to your skin. In addition to that, nutrients will be supplied to your skin. Both oxygen and the essential body nutrients are best for anti-aging hence you should involve yourself in simple exercise on a daily basis.

Tip #7: Avoid Excess Sugar


Medical research has shown that excess sugar in the body causes early aging because with time the excess glucose molecule damages all the protein molecules in the body. This results in skin cartilage damage, hence promoting the loss of skin elasticity. Therefore, you need to cut off your daily intake of sugars in your diet.

Tip#8: Sun Care


One of the important skincare tips for men and women over 40 is by protecting themselves from prolonged exposure to sun rays. Apply sunscreen to your skin and if need be wear and a hat so that it can protect your skin from getting direct sun heat. Try to use homemade sunscreen as that is safe and cost-effective.

Hope above mentioned skincare tips for men and women over 40 are helpful for you!