Improves digestionhealthy digestive system is an integral part of good health. Having a strong digestion process is actually a prerequisite for leading a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have a weak digestive process like constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, etc then it is surely going to damage your overall health. To add to the woe, age also starts leaving its sign-on digestive health. Your body may be able to tolerate gastrointestinal problems in young age but as you grow older; such issues induce further health problems in your body.

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As you age, your gastrointestinal tract also age. Its ability to break down the food into nutrients and to provide energy to everybody part slows down. This may affect the functioning of other body organs in turn leading to a decline in your health and other diseases. Due to the emergence of other age-related diseases and medications for the same, the digestive system may deteriorate. For example, medicines prescribed for high blood pressure induces constipation. Certain pain killers that provide relief in case of chronic diseases also said to have side effects on the stomach. Reduced physical activity level is another major reason for stomach issues like gas, constipation, acidity, etc. As you can observe, it is a vicious circle where one factor triggers other and the other one further stimulates the former one.

To escape from the unending circle of digestive diseases, age and other health issues, follow the below mentioned golden rules and lead a healthy life even in your old age.

Drink plenty of fluids:

In order to avoid frequent visits to bathrooms, if you cut down your water intake then you are surely giving an invitation to dehydration and many gastric issues. The choice is clear. Either you opt for water or embrace digestive issues.

Fiber is your friend:

Consume high fiber foods such as fruits, leafy vegetables and whole grains that stimulate bowel movement. The liberal intake of the fiber reduces constipation, gas and acidity levels.

Increase your activity level:

Leave that chair and take a brisk walk. You must exercise five days a week to keep your bowels in motion! It works both ways. When you exercise, you can avoid several serious diseases including gastrointestinal problems. If you are digestive system is happy then your body is also going to stay healthy.

Mind your medicines:

Certain medications can spoil your digestive system. So, if you notice any change in your bowel movement due to medicine change then discuss with your doctor immediately.

Control your weight:

Overweight people tend to have rising health problems such as high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes which further affect the digestive system of the body. Medications for such diseases magnify the gastric issues. Find out the ways to keep your weight in control and get freedom from digestive evils.

Timely health checkups are compulsory:

Visit your doctor regularly and discuss any health problem you may experience. Do not avoid medical checkups and tests as they reveal the true picture of your internal body.

In nutshell, keeping your stomach happy and healthy is not that difficult. Just pay attention to the demands of the body and you can enjoy your growing age without any digestive problems.