Worst Foods for Digestive System

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Worst Foods for Digestive System

Some foods are worse for digestion than others, causing pain, stomach discomfort, gas, nausea, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.  Eating the wrong foods for a long time can show the way to more serious health issues. As a basic coverage on foods to avoid or at least decrease from your diet, here is a list of worst foods for digestive system mentioned below:

Greasy or fried foods

Greasy or fried foods

 Fried foods are always top-listed food which is enemies to your digestive system because they are difficult to digest. By having this kind of food frequently, the existing minor digestive problems will become strong and show the way to heartburns or acid refluxes.

French fries, steak & fried chicken are some of the most popular contenders in the list of fried food that goes against our digestive system. If you have the least digestive sensitivity, then keep a distance from fried foods.

Processed Food

Processed food such as chips, white bread, packaged foods, etc., have a high carbohydrate content. Moreover, these foods are low in fiber and contain preservatives, as well as artificial colors. Also, these may have lactose. If you consume these often then this will lead to cramping, bloating, or even extreme digestive problems.

Also, people with sensitive digestion need to be careful while consuming processed foods.

Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

The amazing taste of chili peppers, at times, can show the way to heart burns for hours together. They also can damage your digestive system if you consume them before you go to bed. Hot along with spicy foods is mainly dangerous for your digestive system when you consume them close to bedtime.



 If you have the habit of munching chocolate regularly, then please be aware immediately as you are not only damaging your teeth but also your digestive system as well. Chocolate besides being a diuretic contains caffeine which can cause indigestion especially to people already suffering from digestive issues.


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Alcohol relaxes the body, but, unfortunately, it also affects your digestive system. This can show the way to acid reflux or heartburn. Drinking alcohol can inflame the stomach coating. Too much alcohol can cause diarrhea and cramping as well.

Artificial Sweetener

Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweetener falls among the worst foods for digestion as these are not completely digested by the body and therefore, result in gas, diarrhea, and bloating. Such sweetener contains sorbitol, which is difficult to digest. Hence, always check labels before choosing food products.

 Acidic Fruits



Fruits like tomato, lemons, oranges & grapes have a high acidic content. When you consume on an empty stomach, these foods damage your stomach coating and digestive system all the more. Besides, avoid tomato sauce and carbonated drinks when you are already experiencing indigestion as these are acidic in nature too.




coffee- suitable for digestion?
How many cups of coffee do you have in a day?

Coffee is an energy hero that can quickly become your worst enemy. It irritates the stomach lining and can cause heartburn along with acid reflux with irritation. It also creates dehydration and constipation. So, avoid coffee on empty stomach and limit the intake as well.

Also, tea and soda contain caffeine. In case you have digestive issues, then avoid having these until your stomach feels better.


Raw Vegetables

Raw Vegetables

 Raw vegetables might do a lot of good to your body. But they also contain a lot of inexplicable fiber that may affect your digestive system. If you are already facing trouble with your digestive system, these vegetables could make be the worst food for digestive system. Therefore, always cook the vegetables before consuming them to make them easy to digest.

Always make good food choices in your daily diet. Use caution when trying new food in your daily diet. If you have a diagnosed digestive condition then definitely avoid the worst foods for digestive system.


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