Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which plays a vital role in maintaining our immune system and overall health. This vitamin can be absorbed through a healthy diet, which includes fruits and vegetables, and in case you fail to do so, Vitamin C supplements are the best option. Readout further to cure these 10 health issues with Vitamin C supplements:

Vitamin C


This disease is caused due to iron deficiency in the body. Iron is one of the most important nutrients your body needs for transferring oxygen and making red blood cells. Vitamin C supplements help to improve the absorption of iron in your body thus proving beneficial in curing the disease.



Vitamin C acts as an important element when it comes to developing and maintaining your immune system. Its supplements boost your immunity by encouraging more production of white blood cells, which are mainly responsible for protecting your body from several infections.



Research of July 2007 states that Vitamin C helps to reduce the effect of cold on your body by shortening the tenure. It, however, cannot prevent or control it but is beneficial in reducing the cold duration by 14% in children and 8 % in adults.

Blood pressure:

Studies have shown that vitamin C supplements help in regularising or lowering high blood pressure levels. Induration of 60 days, consumption of 500mg dose per day can reduce diastolic BP by 1.5 and systolic BP by 4 points.

Jump in Blood Pressure


Supplements of vitamin C help in slowing down or controlling the growth of various types of cancer cells while higher doses of vitamin C can also help in cancer treatment. Numerous studies have concluded that vitamin C dosage can reduce the tumor in inoperable patients without side effects and can prevent aggressive colorectal cancer.

Eye health:

Studies have shown that Vitamin C helps in maintaining healthy blood vessels in the eyes and proper functioning of retinal cells. If taken in appropriate quantities, it reduces the risk of cataracts by 20 %. Regular consumption of vitamin C supplements can also help in treating uveitis and reduce chances of visual acuity loss.

Periodontal disease:

It is a severe form of gum disease. Periodontal disease weakens the connective tissues and breaks the capillaries of your gums due to deficiency of vitamin C. It can be easily treated through medication including Vitamin C supplements.

Lead toxics:

It is often seen that deficiency of vitamin C in blood is due to high levels of lead. With regular consumption of vitamin C supplements, the lead levels can be reduced amongst smokers. It saves your body from lead poisoning.


Supplements of vitamin C have proven to reduce different types of fatigue caused by humans due to physical activity, work pressure, etc. It boosts your energy levels making you feel lively and refreshed.

Weight loss:

If you lack vitamin C, it may become difficult for you to lose weight. During exercise, Vitamin C helps in the oxidation of body fats. Its supplements can fasten weight loss if taken in adequate quantity.


Vitamin C supplementations are beneficial in curing many health issues absorbing vitamin C from your diet should be a priority. You should take the Supplements as per instruction of doctors.