Causes, Precaution and Cure For Back Pain


Nowadays, back pain is the most common problem. The main causes of this problem are bad posture, strain or bruising of muscles; sprain or injury to ligaments; osteoporosis, arthritis, and slipped disc.  Also, using back muscles in activities to which you are not used to, like lifting heavyweight, twisting while lifting, and regular use of high heels also result in back pain problems.

Another reason for such pain is desk jobs i.e. sitting for hours before computers where you unconsciously slump into odd positions or twist your backs frequently while trying to reach for something behind or beside you, or stretch forward too far; or too fast.


Tips for Preventing Back Strain

  • Do not pull heavy objects; always push to move the objects.
  • Do not sit long hours continuously at your desk or drive any vehicle, always break up the time and stretch your body.
  • Wear flat shoes or shoes with low heels.
  • Exercise regularly. An inactive lifestyle contributes to lower back pain.
  • Do not over-exercise and lift heavyweight with the jerk

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Precautions while suffering from a backache

1. Always lift an object by bending your knees and squatting to pick up the object. Keep your back straight and hold the object close to your body.

2. Always sit in chairs with straight backs or low-back support while reading or working on computers. Keep your knees a little higher than your hips. Adjust the seat or use a low stool to prop your feet on.

3. Always turn by moving your whole body rather than by twisting at your waist while trying to reach or pick up anything.

4. Always get out of your bed after moving sideways instead of getting up straight.

If you have to stand for long hours then always keep one foot higher than the other & change your foot after every 15-20 minutes to relieve pressure on your lower back. You should also maintain good posture by keeping your shoulders and hips in a straight line with your head up & stomach pulled in.

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Exercises and Asanas to Relieve Back Pain

Asanas and exercises are very effective for all types of back pain (lower back or upper back pain). However, before starting exercises or yoga you should understand the structure of the human spine and possible causes of back pain. The human body depends on the spinal column for structural stability and mobility.

The spine provides the necessary support to bend, twist, or move around. The spinal column has 24 vertebrae which are placed one on another from the skull to the pelvis. Plus, the spinal column is tightly wrapped by muscles and ligaments. Any type of injury in these muscles or ligaments can result in pain.

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Exercises, asanas for back pain are safe and free from side effects and are effective if the pain is caused by an improper posture or sudden movements, jerks, or is accompanied by bowel or bladder control problems. Ardh Pawan-Mukt asana, Shalabh Asana, Tada asana, Markatasana, Bhujang asana, and Makar asana are very effective in curing back pain.

In case of pain due to injury or any other medical reason advice of the doctor and proper treatment should be taken.

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