Your neck is clean and wrinkle-free but that extra crease under your chin demands attention. That extra layer of skin under your chin is called a double chin. It happens because of excessive deposits of fats under the skin or some genetic reasons. You may try to hide it but how can you hide that from a mirror.

Double chin

A person with double chin looks unappealing. He or she often feels low because of the sagging skin under the chin. The person tries to cover it up with high neckwear or under hair. But these often are insufficient or wrong solutions. The right way is to get proactive and immediately resort to some meaningful solutions for those involuntary muscles under the jaw. Follow the crucial tips which will definitely help in the elimination of double chin with a grin.

Tips for the elimination of double chin:

1. You are what you eat. The better way out to get rid of double chin is to keep a check on what you eat. Eat healthy food like fresh fruits and salads. And give fatty foods a miss. Do not overeat. Also, drink lots of water to flush out unwanted toxins.

2. Keep moving. Reduce the excess weights by burning those calories. Join the gym or try jogging, brisk walking, or switch over to yoga. The more you burn your calories, the sooner your whole body will become slender and light. Your chin and neck area will get trimmed too.

3. Target your jawline to streamline them. Keep moving your chin and jaw muscles so that fat deposits get reduced. A tasty idea is to keep a chewing gum pack handy. Chewing the gum will make the muscles move and help in reducing the double chin!! Or you can just pretend to chew for 3-4 minutes as if there is something in your mouth.

4. Also do some neck exercises, head, and facial exercises. The regular routine will strengthen and rectify the muscles of the face and neck.

5. The above methods are pocket-friendly and painless. All you will lose is extra weight and baggy muscles.

Besides the above methods, there are medical treatments for double chin which may create a hole in your wallet. The surgeries require quite an amount and are painful. What’s more, an inappropriate lifestyle may place you back in that problem again. That’s why it is recommended to switch over to healthy habits for long-lasting results.

Double chin is an embarrassing and ugly skin problem. If the above tips are followed then one can step out with confidence and smile on the face.