Health Benefits of Plant Based Proteins

Plant based proteins and their health benefits

Proteins are an essential aspect of nutritious diet. Without the presence of adequate proteins in body, you cannot imagine to achieve a healthy and strong body. Nevertheless, you need to pay equal importance to the source of proteins. That means you need to understand that not only the presence of proteins is important but also the source through which you derive them is important. You can get proteins through non vegetarian diet as well as plant based meals. The proteins derived from animal flesh may fulfill your daily requirements of proteins in body but they can have negative effects on the body. On the other hand, plant based proteins such as from vegetables, seeds; legumes, etc have only good health benefits. To know more read the following points that would clarify the picture for you:

Plant based proteins contain fiber

Animal based proteins do not have fiber but plant based proteins have. Therefore, the latter helps in easy digestion process and also ensure good health of your heart. However, animal based proteins are not safe for your heart.

Plant based proteins have vitamins, minerals, water and other essential nutrients

Plants also provide other essential nutrients along with proteins which animal flesh cannot give. Thus, the plant based proteins take care of overall health of your body without posing any health dangers such as cholesterol problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc.

Plant based proteins do not have antibiotics and growth hormones

While animal based proteins contain antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones which can have side effects, plant based proteins are free from such ingredients. That is why; the proteins originated from plants are healthier than animal based proteins.

Plant proteins are alkaline forming

Animal based proteins are acid forming in nature and therefore, create health issues whereas proteins sourced by plants do not form acids. Plant based diet form alkaline which in turn protect and provide good nutrition to each body part.

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Plant oriented proteins are low in bad fats

Usually animal proteins are generous suppliers of bad fats such as trans fats and saturated fats. This is not so with plant proteins which provide healthier nutrients which are safe for your heart and body.

To conclude, plant proteins are suppliers of healthy benefits to human body and there are no side effects attached to them.