The very mention of the word waxing instills fear into the minds of many including men. It brings terrible images of excruciatingly painful screams when waxing strips are being violently pulled off the skin. However, if done rightly, waxing can give the best results. Here are some important waxing tips for men to follow, if interested to have a good waxing experience.

Necessity or luxury!

Nowadays, everyone wishes to look sexier and attractive to stay confident. It is no more women’s prerogative. Almost all the metrosexuals are into it, especially the majority who want themselves to look great in the company of their female partners, or while in swimming pools, or when flexing around their muscles.

The clean and hairless body of the man is the norm now!

The waxing has become a must for the show biz people as they need to look perpetually magnificent. The definition of old macho men, similar to the hairy-chested James Bond of older movies, has changed now.

Follow these waxing tips for men

  • Wash the areas to be waxed

Make sure you wash those areas well that are to be waxed. It is important because the wax wouldn’t settle on the skin and dust or grime also will not settle there.

  • Exfoliation is crucial

Scrubbing your skin, a day or two before waxing gives better results after waxing. However, do not exfoliate dead skin overtly lest you damage your healthy skin.

  • Allergies can be nipped in the bud

First time waxing is very likely to cause allergic reactions to the skin. Doing a test with wax, a couple of months before the event is very helpful and prepares you for the kind of reaction your skin may show.

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  • Skin irritation and red bumps can be handled:

    Skin irritation and red bumps developed after shaving can be moderated with the help of any effective anti-red bump creams available in the market. You can also take medication or apply some Aloe Vera gel to get relief from skin irritation.

    • You can avoid ingrown hairs

    Use a back brush and wash your back daily to avoid ingrown hairs. It is not a time-consuming affair, as the cleaner back is a good surface for waxing.

    • Is waxing always painful?

    Not exactly! Waxing is not really as painful as it may look or sound. But, of course, it will hurt somewhat when hair is pulled from its roots. It could be just a quick pull that may feel like a bee sting and it goes away fast. Tackle your fear of pain by taking painkillers an hour before waxing, which will also help you to withstand the pain and make the experience of waxing tolerable.

    • Waxing may be superior to shaving

    Waxing is effective, as the skin remains hairless for a longer time and conveniently takes care of skin where it is applied and also in the back, which is not easy to access. When hair starts growing back, there is no stubble to worry about.

    • Be alert in below the belt waxing

    One of the important waxing tips for the men to follow includes avoiding sex for a day or so and keep the distance from any activity that would result in sweating or skin irritation. Don’t exfoliate, swim, or sunbathe for a day or two. These tips if followed keenly make waxing a pleasant affair.

    • Eyebrows need expert handling

    Get it done from your stylist and he will use a comb or trimmers before waxing them for desired thinning.

    • Avoid tight clothing and try pain relievers

    You should avoid putting on tight clothes to avoid irritation to the tender skin consequent to the waxing. If need be, take pain relievers.

    • Everything does not require waxing

    Assess waxing needs. A simple plucking of an odd hair is OK at times, saving you the discomfort. Waxing may not be required at all unless it is a bushy kind of growth.


    Waxing is a serious business, which could become worse if your skin has abrasions, cuts, burns, unhealed wounds, and skin injuries. You need to check whether these are completely healed or not. If you go into waxing session with those skin issues, the chances are these could turn into vicious burning skin conditions and infections.

    You must wait until all the skin issues are completely recovered. However, if you must do it, you will have to leave that part without waxing. Although, that might irritate you further. The best course is to wait for waxing until your wounds or abrasions are completely healed. If you have sensitive skin, you must get it tested before you go for waxing.

    All said, to wax or not to wax is purely your own decision. You can make a conscious decision and make it a pleasantly painless affair and feel good if you consider these important waxing tips for men to follow.

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