Superfoods are a special category of foods that are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. They are a superior source of antioxidants and essential nutrients that we need but cannot make ourselves. These calorie sparse and nutrients dense foods are available in the local market. These life-altering foods with extra add-on benefits come from various natural compounds found in plants and animals, called “phytonutrients”.  These phytonutrients have a special power that helps in improving skin tone and eyesight. Anti-oxidants available in these foods fight against free radicals (bad cells) in the body that helps in reducing cholesterol level and prevent/reduce the risk of many serious health conditions, notably heart problems and cancers.


Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring chemicals that stop oxidation inside the body. The oxidation process damages the cells when reacting with oxygen which is one of the main causes of various diseases such as heart problems, premature aging cancer, and many more diseases. These anti-oxidants present in superfood prevent damage from oxidation by blocking the chemical reaction and stopping it from happening.

Health Benefits of Superfoods

Superfoods have health benefits beyond their nutrient contents. These foods have been used in traditional medicines since ancient times and now researchers have also found and rediscovered the health benefits of these foods. Even people who are healthy should take these foods; they will feel and see the change themselves. Most of the suffering could be eliminated by eating these foods and following the right kind of lifestyle. By eating these foods you will get sound sleep, feel more energetic, improve your immune system, and keep your brain working at its best. These foods firstly help break down the fat in the body so the body can use them quickly and secondly stop the accumulation of fat. The powerful combination helps you to control your weight and in a natural way and keep you slim.

There are thirty such superfoods that have different benefits. Some food helps you:

1. To stay looking young

2. To live longer and happily

3. Keep your heart healthy

4. Protect against disease

5. Take sound sleep every night

6. To have the super brain power

7. Lose weight in a natural way

8. Make you more flexible and have fewer aches and pains

How to Identify Superfoods and Their Health Benefits?


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