How is your relationship with food?

Food is the basic source of energy for the human body. Hence, it is very important to build a healthy relationship with the food you eat. Dieting forcefully, overeating, guilt eating, etc., can worsen your relationship with food and it can negatively affect your health. However, there are easy ways to create a healthy relationship with food just by making some habitual and psychological changes.

Habitual/Physical ways to build a healthy relationship with food


Use all your senses to relish the food.

Use all your senses:

When food is served, take time to appreciate what is brought to your table. Smell your food, admire the blend of colors in your food and then taste it. Make use of all your senses to connect with the food you are putting inside yourself. Doing this will give you deep mental satisfaction and teach you how to value your food.

Eat every variety of food:

Many of you may avoid eating green leafy vegetables or certain fruits, as you dislike it. However, eat everything even if you do not like it; eat it for the sake of nourishment and choose health before taste.

Say no to TV/mobiles while eating:

While talking about creating a healthy relationship with food, this may seem the most difficult one for the majority of you!

Avoid eating food while watching T.V.

Today everyone is glued to mobile or TV screens even while eating, this breaks your connection with the food you are eating. Avoid watching TV, scrolling your phone or even talking while eating. Concentrate on the food you are eating and do not eat just for the sake of filling your stomach!

Buy smartly:

While monthly shopping, do not shop for tempting items like ice creams, chips, etc., in bulk quantities. Buy single-serve packs of the same to avoid overeating and to prevent food addictions. Instead, take your list of ingredients that you require for preparing food at home.

Psychological changes you need to create a healthy relationship with food

Do hold the ‘Eat guilt’:

One of the easy ways to create a healthy relationship with food is forgiving yourself for poor eating or treating yourself with junk food while on diet. Do not hold the eat guilt, instead take it easy and get back on track with your regular food.

Make most out of your life!

Do not live to eat:

Yes, food is an important part of your life but do not make it your reason to live. Continuously thinking about food will lead you nowhere in life. Remind yourself that there are more important and beautiful things in life rather than food. So socialize, have a hobby and make good memories.

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