Have you established a healthy relationship with food? This may sound like an absurd question to you. Most people feel that they have a good relationship with food. Unfortunately, most of the time, they are at loggerheads with what they consume throughout the day.

What does it actually mean to have a healthy relationship with food? Well, experts believe that it is a process of making it tough to keep up with a schedule. Research has revealed that most people struggle with a very bad relationship with food and abstinence from food (dieting). Some slip into a state of guilt as they cheat while on a diet. Indulgence in chocolates, cookies, fried items, muffins, ice cream, etc. can make people get into a state of being guilty. It is as serious committing a crime.

Healthy Relationship With Food

Impact of an unhealthy relationship with food

Yo-yo dieting is a perfect example of having an unhealthy relationship with food. In most cases, people relapse by indulging in sugary and high-caloric items. Losing and gaining weight consistently can play havoc with your digestive system. It makes your metabolism sluggish. The idea of maintaining a healthy relationship with food is to eat in moderation and being consistent with your efforts.

Emotional eating is also an issue with people. Some men and women eat when they are depressed or emotionally stressed. This may prove detrimental for their health and goal to lose weight. People may also eat a lot (even when they are not hungry). This is because they are stressed, lonely, or bored. Under such circumstances, they resort to ‘comfort’ food which is usually junk items such as French fries, ice cream, cookies, etc. These foods are harmful to health, in the long run, resulting in conditions such as heart attack, obesity, diabetes, and many more.

Healthy raw Deserts

An unhealthy relationship with food may also result from addiction. People are addicted to sugary foods, pizzas, and snack chips. The addiction can get as severe as to those under the influence of alcohol or gambling.

Benefits of healthy relations with Food

There are many benefits of developing a healthy association with food:

Healthy Metabolism

This is one of the most important benefits of establishing a close and healthy relationship with the food you eat daily. Healthy food eaten with a happy state of mind without any guilt or stress can have a positive impact on metabolism.

Stay in Shape

Being friends with The idea of maintaining a healthy relationship with food is to eat in moderation and being consistent with your efforts. So, make sure you love what you eat and eat what you love (in moderation).


Maintaining a healthy diet will help you live longer, happier, and healthier.

Keep Diseases at Bay

When you have a good relationship with food, it helps you to stay healthy. A nutritious diet loaded with nutrients and vitamins can keep serious health conditions miles away.

Look Beautiful

When you eat healthily, it shows on your skin and hair.

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