How to Lose Weight Gained During Pregnancy

How to Lose Weight Gained During Pregnancy

It is normal for pregnant women to gain weight. Experts even advise pregnant women to add weight because it is health wise good for them. However, as it is said in common parlance, too much of everything is bad. Gaining too much weight when you are pregnant is not good. If you are gaining too much weight, then you have to work on that. Checking your weight while pregnant should not mean going on a weight loss program. There are acceptable means through which you should avoid too much weight gain while pregnant. Here are some tips to apply in this regard.

Diet plan

Do not start a weight loss diet

Even if you are obese or overweight, you should not get involved in any weight loss diet unless your doctor recommends that you. If you start dieting when you are pregnant, you are endangering the life of the developing baby. The baby will be deprived of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and calories required for normal development.

Meet with your doctor or dietician

If you feel that you are gaining too much weight or that you need to change diet, it is advisable that you discuss it with your doctor or a dietician. Do not just change diet on your own without a piece of expert advice. The doctor or dietician will examine your case and advice you on what to do.


Drink enough water

Drinking enough water will do you a lot of good. First, it will keep you hydrate and also make you feel full so that you will crave for more food. However, you should be careful not to starve yourself or get yourself filled up with water to the extent that you no longer eat well.

Regulates body weight with water

Eat a small portion for many times

Eating a small portion frequently is a good way of getting enough nutrients and at the same avoiding becoming overweight. Having food in your system always no matter how little it keeps your digestive system working and also improves your metabolism which is a process through which excess fat is burnt down. It will also help you to deal with some of the symptoms of pregnancy like nausea.

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Say no junk foods

Snack on fruits and vegetables rather than on junk foods.  Junk and processed foods like the candy bar and others will make you gain too much weight but will not provide enough nutrients to your baby.

Understand your calorie needs

If you have a normal weight before pregnancy, you should make sure that you obtain about 1900 to 2500 calories on a daily basis. But if you are already overweight or obese or underweight before pregnancy, you should meet with your doctor. This is because calorie need for underweight or obese people varies from person to person. So, your doctor will help you determine how many calories you should consume on a daily basis.

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