Get rid of Gastric ulcer with these quick and healthy natural remedies

Gastric/Stomach Ulcers are a painful but a common problem that you can easily fix with some dietary efforts. Nature has solutions for our entire problem; we just need to look a little deeper and harder. The problem may cause abdominal pain, indigestion nausea etc but these can be averted with simple home remedies listed below:

1.  Cabbage has abundant Vitamin C and also certain amino acids that raise the blood circulation. So, drinking cabbage juice regularly improves the health of stomach inner lining, keeping ulcers at bay. To heighten the potency, you can add Spinach and carrot juice to cabbage juice to treat the condition of peptic, Gastric Ulcer.


2.  Honey has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties so it helps in killing the bacterial infection. Eating a tsp of Honey (unprocessed and all natural) everyday helps in ulcerations.

3.  Banana has a neutralizing effect on hyper-acidity as it negates acidity in the stomach, the stomach lining gets repaired. Also, it prevents inflammation, shields digestive tracts, and advances natural cell growth enabling better and fast regeneration of damaged inner stomach lining. Eating bananas every day with honey helps in getting the best results.

4.  Fenugreek leaves coat inner lining of the stomach with mucilaginous which advances the shield in the inner lining leading to faster healing. Fenugreek seeds can be used for the improvement of digestion as well. You can add the leaves or the seeds to your daily diet by sprinkling them over food like salad, rice, lentils etc.

5.  Wood Apple is potential for pain relief and inflammation which enables better healing. To get the results, soak some clean leaves overnight and in the morning, discard all leaves and drink the water. Repeat the process until you feel relief.

6.  Eating fiber and Citrus rich diets also assist in treating ulcers as fiber activates better and proper digestion, ridding the body of all digestive issues and citric foods support the digestive health through fast healing and stronger protection of the system.

7.  Slippery elm bark and goldenseal root are prominent ingredients used in detoxification supplements because they have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Not only they ward off inflammation but they also protect the stomach from bacterial infection. You can add these two to your diet to get relief in ulcers and continue to take them for healthier digestion.

8.  Taking a pinch of cayenne pepper every day with a glass of plain water also helps in combating ulcers.

9.  Drinking sugarless cold milk lowers acid formation in the stomach which helps in relieving the burning sensation.

10.  You can also drink the juice of blanched almonds juice every day to bind stomach acids. This helps in keeping acid reflux in check and also supplies the stomach with healthier levels of protein which further repairs the damaged inner lining.

11.  Dandelion-chamomile tea is immensely good for detoxification and cleansing as they naturally rid the body of bacteria and assist in natural healing.

12.  Fruits like watermelon, oranges, blackberries etc that contains healthy amounts of Vitamin A should be taken to improve gastric health.

13.  Capsaicin contained in hot peppers like jalapeno, chili peppers also wards off ulcerations.