Push-ups are one of the easiest exercises that you can rely on when it comes to the overall fitness of your body. The best part about push-ups is that you do not need any machines or devices to work on. Just a basic knowledge about how to do and you are ready to go.

Mentioned below are 7 types of Push-ups and their benefits they offer. Go through these and get a chiseled body at no cost.

1. The Standard Push up


  • Lay on the floor straight with your body facing the ground.
  • Keep your arms right beside the shoulders.
  • Let your toes bear the weight of your body.
  • Now start by lifting yourself up by extending your arms.

Standard Push up

Benefit– The standard pushup will help your complete body build strength.

2. One Arm Push up

This type of pushup is very strenuous and thus, difficult.

  • As the name suggests, you can use only one arm while doing these pushups. Keep the second one at the back.
  • Keep your legs wide apart.
  • The arm that you are going to put your weight on should also be kept at a comfortable distance. There is no need for it to be aligned with the rest of your body.n>


Benefit– The one-arm pushup is a great way to burn a high amount of calories, achieve a balanced body, and lose excessive fat.

3. Clapping Push up

Another difficult one, but with practice, you will achieve great finesse.

  • This push up requires a lot of strength and force.
  • You have to forcefully pull your body up (from the floor).
  • Clap and get down to the original push up position.
  • This definitely requires the right pace and rigorous discipline.


Benefit– The clapping pushups build extreme power in the most important muscles of your chest, shoulders, and the ones at the back of your arms.

4. One Leg Push-ups

This type of push-ups is not much different from the standard pushups except that the other leg is held up in the air, throughout.


BenefitsOne leg push-ups strengthen the muscles in the hip and upper leg. It also helps your lower body achieve great balance and stability.

5. T Push-ups

  • Get to the standard pushup position.
  • Perform the standard push up and when you are at the top, raise one arm towards the ceiling and twist the body according to the hand above and get back to the starting position.
  • Repeat it again, but this time you need to use another arm.
  • This push up can be a great warm-up exercise.


Benefits– The T push-ups build additional strength in the shoulders, chest, and arms.

6. Pseudo Planche Push-ups

  • Unlike the regular pushups, you have to keep your hands near your torso with the fingers pointing downwards towards your feet.


Benefits– The Pseudo Planche Pushups will help you build great strength in your biceps and shoulders.

7. Yoga Push-ups

For these push-ups, you need to have great strength, form, and flexibility, as are slightly different from the regular push-ups.

  • Let your body form a curve by facing downward (look at the floor). This will be your starting position.
  • Now, lower the body and start raising your head until you reach the cobra pose.
  • At all times you will have to keep your body off the ground.


Benefits– The yoga pushups will help you boost your metabolism levels to a greater extent.

Everyone has a different fitness level, and therefore you should decide the limit for yourself. Overdoing the push-ups is definitely not recommended. If you are new to this, start with 5 push-ups a day and gradually increase the number.

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