Exercise is one of those most important things which everyone should include in daily practice to keep fit and healthy. With our day-to-day busy life schedule, it seems very hard to make out time to go to the gym and work for our bodies. That is why below are the top 5 best full-body exercises to keep your body in shape while staying at home.

Please note, before starting any exercise don’t forget to stretch your body properly so that your body gets ready for all the exercises you will perform. Stretching helps your body to adapt soon to exercises.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jack- the best way to stay fit

Jumping jacks are one of the best exercises for charging up all your body muscles. For performing jumping jacks you need to stand straight with both of your hands on the side. After which you have to jump with the help of your toes. This will create more pressure on your calf and will work on the muscle of other parts of the body as well. If you are a beginner start with 50 jumping jacks and increase the number every two days.

Pushups: This exercise will work on your upper body part and strengthen the core muscles of shoulders, chest, belly, and back. For doing this, all you have to do is lie down on a mat with face downwards.


Pushups- The best exercise


Enhance strength with pushups

Place both of your hand aside your chest, keep your body with the support of your toes and force your body in the upward direction using your palm and keeping your body structure straight. For beginners, 10 pushups are enough to start with.

Squats: This exercise work on the lower part of the body. This one tone and strengthens the thighs, abs, quads, calves, and obliques. In addition, squats also help to lose weight and gain good posture.

Squat- best full-body exercise

For this stand straight and open your legs as “v”. Then hold your palm in front of your body and take your body back in a sitting position as if you are sitting on a chair. Do this for 15 times for the first few days.

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This exercise builds your back and shreds belly fat really fast. For this, you need to lie down on your stomach on the mat placing your elbows aside you. Slowly raise your body upwards and support your body using your toes. Do this for 10-15 seconds. There are several kinds of planks such as side planks, resistance plank, dolphin plank, side plank, side plank crunch, and many more.


Accelerate your energy and fitness with step-ups

Step-ups ranks among the 5 best full-body exercises. This exercise helps to strengthen your core muscles of legs and helps them to build stamina. For this, stand in front of a box which can bear your body weight or you can also use the staircase. Take your left leg on the box then your right leg on the box. After which when you are on the top of the box take your left leg back down on the floor then your right leg on the floor. Perform this exercise fast for 50 times if you are a beginner.

If the above 5 best full-body exercises are performed daily, within a month you will see your body getting fitter and your core muscles will be building up really soon. Remember, not to over pressurize your body for exercise as it will only hurt your muscles and result in a breakdown. Start with small goals and then move to higher goals.