Wondering how to get rid of a double chin? You can simply practice some exercises to say goodbye to your double chin. This gives you confidence and you can stand apart from the crowd since you have the courage to go ahead.

Double chin

Popular Exercises to Reduce your DoubleChin Permanently

Here are mentioned some good exercises helping you to reduce your double chin:

The Scoop:

First, open your mouth and then start rolling your lip through your lower teeth. You have to move your head down to a scooping motion and close your mouth while you start lifting your head. Repeat this exercise for five-seven times and you can see the result in real-time.


Perfect Oval Face:

Here, you have to turn your head left pulling your jaw forward. In addition, make sure you are able to strain the neck muscles. Next, turn your head to the right and repeat the same procedure. You can repeat this exercise 5 times for each side.


Make two fists and you need to place them directly under your chin. Then, start moving your lower jaw down on your fists gradually increasing the pressing force. You can feel muscles straining and you have to hold the resistance for 3 seconds after which you can relax. Repeat the exercise for 5-7 times and you can explore a younger look with a nice chin shape.

Side Neck Stretch:

First, put one hand on the floor, wrap the other hand on the back of your head and make your palm rests on the back of your ear. Start bending your head towards your shoulder. Next, put your fingertips off the floor positioning them on your upper arm. You can repeat this posture for 5-7 times that help you to stay away from that bad looking double chin.

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Head Lifts:

Lie down on the bed with your head staying on the edge of your bed. Make your head hand in a relaxed position and you can feel your muscles squeezing on the front of your neck. Next, lift your head slowly and move towards your chest. Continue this position until your shoulders become flat on your bed. Hold the position for 10 seconds and make sure that your head won’t drop. Gradually, you come back to a relaxing position with your head in a normal posture. Repeat this for 2-3 times and you can thus feel the result that helps you to feel better.

Head lifts

Pigeon Face:

Place your thumb on one side of your jaw with your index finger on the same position on the opposite jaw. Now, pull your hand forward along with your neck and head holding the position for 30 minutes. Next, let loose your hand and move your neck back to the normal position. Repeat the position thrice and thus you can manage to reduce your double chin.

Now, you are familiar with the tricks to decrease your double chin thereby exploring a better you. Therefore, regularly perform the exercises to reduce your double chin permanently and surprise everyone!

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