Have high blood pressure? Heartening to know that you can regulate blood pressure with interesting lifestyle changes and lead a healthy life without the use of drugs. Here are some interesting lifestyle changes to control your blood pressure:

1. Exercise Regularly:

Regular exercise makes the heart stronger and the heart pumps more blood with less strain.  Activities like walking, doing household work, gardening, playing team games, and bike rides are great.

elder people exercises

2. Shed extra pounds:

One of the most effective lifestyle changes in regulating blood is weight loss. Also, keep a check on your waistline.


3. Stop smoking:

A cigarette increases your blood pressure for many minutes after you finish. Avoid smoking will help your blood pressure return to normal. It will also reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your overall health. People who quit smoking may live longer than people who never quit smoking.

no smoking

4. Use more potassium and less sodium:

Potassium naturally lowers the salt content and eases blood vessels. Dairy products, fruits such as oranges, bananas, and avocadoes, and vegetables like spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and potatoes, are potassium-rich foods.


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5. Decrease the consumption of processed foods:

The processed foods such as chips, snacks, pizza, and foods from restaurants are high in salt content as well as sugar. When you take less processed foods you automatically control salt intake. This helps to regulate blood pressure.

6. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates:

You feel fuller for a longer duration because of more protein and fat consumption.


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7. Protein-rich foods:

 The richer the protein content, the lower is the risk of high blood pressure. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, etc., are a rich source of proteins.


8. Food supplements helpful in lowering blood pressure:

Food supplements like fish oil and whey protein have great health benefits and lower blood pressure for sure.

9. Use medicinal herbs:

Some herbs like cat’s claw, black bean, sesame oil, ginger root, green tea, etc., do lower blood pressure. However, check with your doctor before using them.

10. Sleep well:

A sound 7-hour sleep dips your blood pressure. Disturbed sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure.

sleeping habits

11. Take garlic regularly:

Fresh garlic or an extract is a proven way to lower blood pressure. Consume regularly for great health benefits.


12. Occasionally consume dark chocolate:

Yes, research shows dark chocolate lowers blood pressure. It contains flavonoids that relax your blood vessels.

Dark chocolates

13. Control your stress:

Find ways to reduce stress. Deep breathing exercises, reading, yoga, and meditation help a lot to regulate blood pressure.


14. Moderate your alcohol intake:

Excess alcohol increases your blood pressure even if you are healthy.  The moderate use of alcohol is good to regulate your blood pressure.

15. Cut back on caffeine:

The role of caffeine in blood pressure is debatable. It can raise blood pressure but many people have little or no effect on their blood pressure. Long-Term regular use of caffeine may possibly increase the blood pressure marginally.