Discover Sources of Potassium Rich Foods and Fruits

Of course, you must have heard about the importance of iron and calcium in your daily diets but another component which is often missed is potassium. It is one of the vital minerals required by the body for proper and balanced functioning. The obvious question in your mind would be how does it benefit us? Read on to know the benefits as well as rich sources which can provide an adequate amount of potassium as per your body’s needs.

Benefits of potassium

Potassium is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart as well as the nervous system, kidney, and liver. It also helps in regulated blood flow and keeping away digestive issues. Also, regular intake of potassium aids in controlling the blood pressure levels in the body since it negates the excessive effects of sodium which absorbs water. Therefore, potassium helps to remove the excess water from the body. Potassium is also beneficial in toning the mid-waist area. Also, it reduces the risk of heart strokes by almost twenty-one percent thus helping to keep your heart.

Sources of potassium-rich foods and fruits

You should ensure that you include the following foods and fruits in your daily diet to have wholesome nutrition and keep the blood pressure under control. An adult needs approximately 4700 milligrams of potassium daily and having the following would help you to ensure the same.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans commonly referred to as ‘rajma’ in India is a rich source of potassium and addresses almost thirty-five percent of our daily needs since every hundred grams contain almost 1200 mg of potassium. So, enjoy the rajma rice wholeheartedly since it is called the ‘kidney beans’ for good reason.

Kidney beans as potassium rich food


Love the nuts? The good news is that they also supplement your daily intake of potassium. Every hundred grams of nuts such as pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds contribute around 1000 mg of potassium to dietary requirements. So, munch on to the nuts, pistachios being the richest source!

walnuts and almonds


Yes, the bright yellow fruit also contains potassium and therefore is considered a part of an ideal breakfast. You can have it as a whole or add it to the milk and cereals or have it in the form of a banana milkshake. No wonder, bananas are a favorite with the kids too!


Sweet Potatoes

Though seasonal, this vegetable is loved because of the various ways in which it can be cooked. Whether in the boiled form or stuffed or grilled or fried, the sweet potatoes can be had in a number of methods. Not to forget, a cup of these potatoes contributes almost 1000 mg of the mineral potassium to our body.

Sweet Potatoes


Though fishes may be best known for being a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, they are also a great source of potassium. Amongst varieties, trout, tuna, and codes are most popular for being protein-rich sources. So, fish lovers, include these varieties in your meal for a mineral treat.

Fish as potassium rich food

Chickpeas as potassium-rich food

Commonly known as ‘chana’ in India, the chickpeas are a great way to include potassium in your diet. You can enjoy them in a boiled form or add it to your salads. The spicy curry called Punjabi Chhole is a mouth-watering form to have your chickpeas!

Chickpeas as potassium rich food


Surprised? It is true. Tomatoes not just make your food tastier; they also provide the vital potassium content to your body. So, go ahead and include it in your salads and curries and grilled veggies. It is most effective when had in the form of juices or pastes. You can also opt for the traditional ‘chutney’ or sauce if you love cooking.


Now that you know, do not deprive your system of potassium. Include the above sources of potassium-rich foods in your diet to stay healthy!


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