Fingers can swell for many reasons. Interestingly, many of these reasons are completely harmless. However, in some cases, puffy fingers can be due to dactylitis, a medical condition that points to other serious health conditions. Listed below are some of the most common swollen fingers reasons to know:

8 Swollen Fingers Reasons You Need to Know

swollen fingers

Fluid Retention

Swelling happens when body fluids collect in tissues or joints. Sometimes your pinkie might be puffy. Or you may have trouble slipping your rings on and off. A salty meal could be one culprit. That’s usually not a cause for worry. But other times, your swollen fingers and hands can signal a health problem that needs your attention.

Excess Salt Intake

Lots of chips and guac, or anything fried could be the cause of your frankfurter fingers. Your body likes to keep a consistent salt-to-water balance. Taking more salt means your body compensates by retaining more water, which explains the swelling.

Typically, mild swelling brought on by salty foods goes away on its own within a day, although, it can last longer depending on how much extra salt is in your system. If you cut back on salt and the swelling persists, see your doctor.

Infection or Injury

Swollen ring finger may be a side effect of an infection or an injury in fingers. Felon is an infection that fills the fingers (tip, pad, or nail area) with pus. In some cases, injuries and minor traumas such as cuts, splinters, and puncture wounds may have similar effects. Timely treatment can help cure the condition. If condition worsens such as pus oozing from fingers or trouble moving hands or typing, reach out for medical help without delay. The doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics according to the need.

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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a condition of joints that affects the lining of joints and leads to stiffness, swelling, and pain. The joints in the hands are the first to experience the symptoms. Psoriatic arthritis affects those with psoriasis (a skin condition). It results in sausage-like swollen fingers and toes.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Swollen ring finger may be the result of a pinched nerve in a location on the wrist (referred to as the carpal tunnel). Some people feel swelling in finger, pain, numbness, tingling, etc. According to health experts, making repeated hand motions over and over may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition is treatable.

Exercise and workout

Workout can cause swelling in hands due to the response of blood vessels to the increased demands of energy on muscles. Rigorous exercise makes the body produce heat. Excess fluid is released into hands, fingers, and toes through the vascular system to help the body cool down.



Pregnant women can experience swelling in ankles, feet, and fingers. In some cases, sudden swelling in face and hands can be a sign of preeclampsia, a condition in which high blood pressure can dangerously shoot during the second half of pregnancy. Postpartum preeclampsia, a condition after childbirth that affects the kidneys can trigger swelling in the body.


Finger can swell as a result of the side effects of certain medications. Health experts believe that medicines of high blood pressure, Over the Counter pain medications, steroids, diabetes medications, steroids, and birth control pills are probable swollen fingers reasons to look for.

Swollen fingers are usually not serious and can be treated with medications and a few home remedies. In case, the condition does not go despite home remedies and medications, it may be a result of something serious. Speak to a medical expert without delay and get treatment for swollen fingers reasons.

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