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We have discussed types of herpes, its symptoms, causes and about its breakout. Anyone who suffers from an outbreak of herpes inquires “How can I do away with herpes?” There are some illnesses that are according to medical professionals are untreatable. Some of the risky untreatable illnesses are HIV/AIDS. Formally, there is no remedy for HSV also but preventive steps and some of the treatments of herpes that may decrease outbreak/episodes and its intensity.

treatments of herpes

treatments of herpes

HSV2 is an illness that can be very easily transmitted through a tiny cut in the skin or at the time lovemaking if the other person is suffering from this disease. Many individuals with herpes do not realize that they have it until they have an episode. HSV-2 is the virus that usually causes genital herpes and is spread while lovemaking, intercourse.

In this illness, blister erupts in the genital area but symptoms may vary from person to person. The risk of infection of this type of herpes can be reduced by using condoms. The medical professional can confirm by taking a blood sample at the time of the outbreak and diagnosing it in the lab.

Treatments for Herpes

There are limited choices in respect of selection for treatments for herpes is concerned. Traditional medication focuses on reducing the symptoms instead of curing the disease. Some of the typical antiviral medications of a brand name may handle the herpes simplex germs may conserve you fairly a little of cash.

These medications may not work after some time in checking the herpes episode and thus become useless. There may be numerous side effects of these medications like upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, sleeping disorder, headache, rashes, blisters, and itching, etc.

Natural remedies for herpes

One of the most effective methods to prevent the outbreak of herpes is to maintain a strong immune system. You can prevent herpes episode by changing lifestyle and taking a balanced diet. One can live with herpes for his/her entire life without numerous complications by strengthening its immune system and using some home remedies.

Keep in check depression, stress, and anxiety. Maintain high spirit as these issues can also induce herpes episode. You can apply apricot oil at the time of the outbreak of herpes and mix some turmeric powder to get relief from swelling.

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