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There are various other unknown causes due to which age spots, liver spots, freckles, and patches may appear on the skin. Some of them may not be curable for a lifetime and beware of cancerous in nature.

There are no short cuts to cure pigmentation. The affected person may need to take precautions, avoid trigger points, and take facial skincare through the right kind of skin products and also medication. He or she should also consult both a good dermatologist and a beauty therapist.

Internal health issues may cause pigmentation

One should also look for some internal health issues which led to skin pigmentation. In some cases, the pigmentation problem may subside over a period of time. For example in Chloasma, after pregnancy, it is likely that the patches or spots may lighten or disappear as hormones get settled down. Moreover, avoidance of excessive sun exposure also helps in limiting the pigmentation. This skin problem has eclipsed the beauty of many women and left them searching for its cure. Before proceeding towards the solutions for skin pigmentation we will look for possible causes that lead to pigmentation. The causes and gravity of the problem shall then determine the course of action to cure the pigmentation problem.


The condition in which there is excessive or inadequate production of melanin and due to which skin appears patchy, uneven, discolored, or spotted. It is called skin pigmentation. Melanin is that part of the skin that provides color to the skin surface. The high production of melanin gives dark or brown color while less production gives fair color to the skin. There may be various reasons that can hamper the balanced production of this melanin and therefore the result is skin pigmentation.

The site covers as many causes as possible for this skin condition here below:

1. Melasma:

As discussed in one of our pages, melasma results in brown patches due to the consumption of some drugs or birth control pills. Hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, menopause, and over sun exposure also cause melasma and results in this type of skin problem.

2. Chloasma:

Chloasma or pregnancy mask is the fallout of melasma. It is the condition in which skin around the nose, cheeks, and forehead get pigmented during the pregnancy period. Here dark patches or dark spots appear on the face and usually fade post-pregnancy.

3. Vitiligo:

It is a case of hypopigmentation wherein there is a loss of melanin production in the skin cells. It happens in people with darker skin and results in white patches of skin. This problem has been linked to the disorder which affects adrenal glands.

4. Acne:

Acne also results in pigmentation due to which there are discolored spots or patches.

5. Dermatitis:

Dermatitis may cause skin itching, redness, and also skin pigmentation. It is a common problem among dark-skinned people.

Precautions to cure/save from skin pigmentation:

The use of good sunscreen before going out is necessary to keep the problem at a minimum. If the actual problem is looked after like acne and dermatitis then the problem of pigmentation can also be controlled.

Stay covered. Use an umbrella and hat and wear loose fitted clothes.

Similarly, drugs causing these problems should also be discontinued in order to get back clean and clear skin. Discontinuation of birth control pills and harmful cosmetics would also result in better skin and clearance of pigmentation.

Video about curing hyperpigmentation and age spots with home remedies

There are certain remedies which can help to cure hyperpigmentation.


1. Use of over the counter products and creams to cure pigmentation are available in the market. However, it may take a long time to witness visible results.

2. Chemical peeling, laser treatment, and phototherapy can also bring good results in this problem. But one should weigh the benefits with the costs.

3. Cosmetic surgery can bring out a drastic reduction in hyper-pigmentation but the cost is quite high.

4. Certain allergens also cause dermatitis and pigmentation. A good doctor can conduct a simple test that will ascertain the cause of the same and provide a solution. Mild steroids and medicines may resolve the problem.

5. Alternative therapies that believe in curing internal health to rectify skin problems can also be considered. Ayurveda, homeopathy, and herbal products are such ways that correct the hormonal and other imbalances thereby also curing all skin-related Problems!

6. Regular beauty regime and beauty treatment under the guidance of a beauty therapist may help in lightening the skin pigmentation.

7. You can use hypoallergenic cosmetics to conceal uneven complexion and skin.

8. Home remedies also play an important role in reducing or curing this problem. There are various tried and tested kitchen recipes that have helped many.

Aloe Vera heals naturally the pigmented skin and its daily application can bring favorable results.

In the case of hyperpigmentation, dry the orange peels and grind them. Mix this powder with raw milk and then on dark patches. Regular usage will lighten the spots and patches.

Place slices of potato or onion on the pigmented portion to get relief. Drink lots of water and eat fruits and foods rich in vitamins and stay stress-free.

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