Face masks have become essential as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As this disease is spread through touch, so everybody needs to be careful. So, the requirement of a fabric face mask during corona is prime to stop the spread of the virus. These masks may appear to be less worthy to fully protect you from diseases, but they are a strong shield indeed.

Why do we need to wear a face mask in the corona pandemic?

This crucial situation demands special attention among people so face masks are necessary. The deadly virus spreads through contaminated surfaces where the virus arrives. There is a strong chance of picking the virus when you touch the surfaces and simultaneously your nose, mouth. The infected persons also spread the disease through their droplets of sneezing to another person. But these masks prevent the transmission of this virus.

fabric face mask during corona times

How to wear facemasks and when?

Follow the steps before using face masks:

  • Before using a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap with water.
  •  Cover your face and nose with masks and ensure there is no gap between the mask and your face.
  • Do not touch the mask, and if touch then cleans your hands with soap and water.
  • Wear masks if you are nursing a person with COVID-19. When coughing or sneezing, use masks but make sure that you are using it properly. Dispose of them properly after using it.

How to make a fabric face mask at home?

Fabric is an important layer to maintain a physical distance while used with 6-foot spacing. Such face masks are in demand. Here is what makes a fine cloth face mask.

No-sew Face Mask

A no-sew option is available if used correctly. Homemade masks are vital. Choose mask designs recommended by the CDC. You need bandana, scarf or handkerchief and 2 rubber bands. Lay the fabric out flat on the table and then take the top edge of it. Fold it so that it reaches the center of a bandana.

Repeat the folds that will create some pleats to allow better fitting. When you fold the right and left sides of the fabric rectangle, you will have a smaller rectangle. Slide on the rubbers bands, leaving a few inches on the end. Next, repeat it with other sides.   Your non-sew face mask is ready to be used.

Sewing Face Mask at Home

Take print pattern (it’s a 9×8-inch rectangle with 1-inch peats). Use the pattern to cut 2 cotton fabric pieces. Put cut fabric with front sides together and place both layers together on top of the fabric. Place both layers of the interacting together on top of the fabric. The next step is to sew the top 9” seam.  Then stitch the fabrics.

Next, press seam flat to one side after flipping open with the front side of fabric up. Then insert metal piece along the seam between 2 pieces of fabric and stitch ½” rectangle. After flipping back to right sides, stitch bottom 9” seam and press bottom seam. Gather 3 pleats in the same direction and cut the binding tape at 36” per side. The next is to cut binding and sew the binding. Repeat this on the other side and press the pleats. Now, your sewing homemade mask is ready.

Thus, you can use the face masks to protect yourself from the spread of injurious coronavirus. These face masks are a subtle reminder that masks are a safety measure in this crucial time.

FAQs about fabric face mask during corona times

How to dispose of masks properly?

Remove the masks and discard them immediately in a dust bin (preferably closed) to avoid the infection through them. Clean hands with soap or alcohol-based hand rub with water.

Does the fabric mask fully protect you from coronavirus?

No. Masks are only to protect and limit the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19. They are alone unable to provide adequate protection. Other measures like physical distancing and hand cleaning are necessary.

Who needs to wear fabric masks?

A person suffering from cough and cold need to wear the masks. If you are fit, then use the masks while taking care of COVID-19 patients. Doctors, medical staff also requires to use face masks.

Does one need to maintain 6 feet distance after wearing face masks?

Yes. A face cover does not protect the wearer but prevents the spread from the wearer to others. It is an additional general public precautionary measure. Still, there is a need for maintaining a 6-foot distance.

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