Women around the world try hard to reverse the aging process and persevere to look younger for a longer time. However, little do they know that there are certain crucial factors that cause the skin to age faster or slower. If you are one of those who believe in using anti-aging products and treatments to slow down the aging process then read on these five factors that influence your aging process.  Some of these may be controlled while some others cannot be tampered with to regulate the aging process. The following factors that cause skin aging essentially determine the speed of your aging process and its outcomes on your skin.

Following are 5 Factors That Cause Skin Aging Faster:

1. Free radicals


Free radicals are molecules that initiate the deterioration of the skin’s structural support and decrease the elasticity, flexibility, and suppleness of the skin. Free radicals oxidize are one of the factors that cause skin aging and damage the cellular components of the human body. Such oxidative damage speeds up the aging process. To counter the effects of free radicals there is a need to infuse anti-oxidants in optimum quantity in the body thereby lowering the negative effects of aging.

2. Excessive fats deposits


Excessive fats also one of the factors that cause skin aging faster. Especially the trans- fats and some kinds of saturated fats are bad for the health of the body and for the aging process. Build up of trans fats in your cell membranes can make them stiff and inflexible. Inflexible cell membranes make it difficult for nutrients to get into your cells and that may cause lots of health and skin problems. The inflexibility of the cell affects blood circulation which contributes to dry and flaky skin and may also cause greasy pores and acne problems. For more details see obesity cause skin problems.

3. DNA is also one of the factors that cause skin aging faster

DNA is bound to affect our aging. The DNA we inherit from our parents has a predetermined effect on our aging.

4. Metabolism process


The metabolism process is yet another factor that influences slow or fast aging. While faster metabolism signals quick aging, slow metabolism ensures a longer lifespan and the slow aging process.

5. lifestyle


Our nutrition, sleeping pattern, and workout schedules among other factors constitute our lifestyle. The type of lifestyle has a greater impact on the aging of our body and skin. Processed food and fast food accelerate the process of aging whereas a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich food improves your health and slows down the process of aging. Your sleeping pattern can also affect the aging process of your body and skin. It may cause wrinkles and under-eye circles. Smoking and excessive intake of alcohol are other factors of early aging and dullness of skin.

A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to skin aging. Exercise and yoga help to tone up muscles and improve the blood circulation resulting in good health and younger-looking skin. A healthy lifestyle helps to slow down the process of aging.

You may slow down the effect of aging by following the above tips to counter the  factors that cause skin aging faster