Face masks application tips

A face mask is basically a skin treatment that you leave on your face for some time. Then, wash off to give extra cleaning to remove dirt, impurities, dead skin cells, and toxins from the clogged pores of the skin. Face masks are designed as per requirements and type of skin. Every woman uses facemasks to rejuvenate her skin but do they all apply them correctly. It is not rocket science. But you must take care of certain things to apply face mask correctly.

face mask tips

Apply face mask correctly for best results!

Steps before you apply face mask


1. This is important to remove any makeup, dust, and impurities before applying any facemask to get all its benefits. Cleanse the skin of the face with a natural cleanser and then treat it with an antibacterial ingredient like tea tree oil before applying any facemask.

2. Open the pores by steaming your face before applying a facemask. For steaming, take a big bowl or pot and boil water in it. Then place your head slightly above the bowl to get steam on your face. Around 15 -20 minutes are sufficient to clean your face and open the pores.

Your skin deserves natural beauty

Remember to cover your head with a towel so that all the steam is not evaporated easily. However, do not lean too much as extremely hot steam will damage or irritate your skin. People with extra sensitive skin should consult the doctor before going for steaming.

3. Make sure that you do not apply the face mask on wet skin. After steaming your face, pat dry before applying any facemask.

4. Make sure that you have washed your hands thoroughly with a disinfectant and tied back your hair before applying any facemask.

What to do while applying a face mask?

When applying a homemade facemask, use gentle sweeping upwards movements using your fingers to spread it up from the neck over the jawline and up to the forehead.

For a face mask other than homemade always use a flat, wide brush and thick enough to be able to spread the mask on your face. Keep the brush solely for this purpose and wash after every use thoroughly.

homemade facemask

 Take care that you do not apply any mask on the sensitive parts of the skin especially around the eyes and on the lips.

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Always prepare fresh facemask

 You should always prepare a fresh batch so that you get the desired benefits of the mask. You can keep a homemade face mask in the fridge for a day or two but ensure you keep it covered. Homemade facemasks prepared prior to the week of applying may cause an outbreak on the skin or any unwanted allergy.

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Leave the mask on the face till it dries up or for the period as advised on the package of the mask. Do not use blowers to dry it.

Remove the mask by rinsing it with water, unless special directions for removal of the mask are indicated, as in the case of “peel-off” masks. The better way of removing the face mask is to take a water-saturated cotton ball and gently wipe off the mask from the face. The clay masks are a little difficult to remove with this method.

After removing the mask, wash your face with cold water and make sure it has been removed completely from the face.

Always apply a suitable moisturizer afterward.

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