General daily care beauty tips for busy mothers

Beauty Tips for Busy Mothers

Women often leave their beauty schedule behind once they become a mother. A hurried look in the mirror reveals age on the skin, unkempt hair, untidy hands, and feet. Often tied up with responsibilities, the new age mothers have numerous things to look after except their looks and it hits back their confidence a lot. So, all mothers out there here are some handy beauty tips for busy mothers to maintain their skin glowing. Try them and feel beautiful and confident always.

Sound Sleep

Pay attention to your beauty sleep. Not only it affects your facial beauty but also it influences your routine the next day. Therefore, take a good night’s sleep and if possible also take a nap in the afternoon to relax your overworked muscles. While you are taking a nap, put some cucumber slices or potato slices on your eyes to soothe the eye area. It will reduce the under eye dark circles.

Face Wash

Wash your face three to four times during the day to feel fresh and active. Remember to clean your face both in the morning and at night with face wash or with a gentle, natural cleanser and then treat it with an antibacterial ingredient like tea tree oil, to get rid of all the dirt, oil and bacteria that has accumulated on your face during the day. You can also use homemade facial cleansing recipes. Once in a week use honey-based skin enriching facemask for softer skin and cleaned pores. Honey will heal, stimulate, and smooth the skin, egg yolk and olive oil will penetrate in the skin to moisturize it. The yogurt will gently exfoliate and cleanse while refining and tightening pores.

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Hair Care

As a busy mother, you do not have an hour’s time to wash your hair on a daily basis so you should use dry hair shampoo. Simply spray it into your hair work thoroughly, brush out, and style your hair every day. For soft hair massage rich coconut oil on your head once in a week. Leave it for three hours before washing with your shampoo. Apply hair conditioner at the ends. Gift yourself a new haircut. You are going to love your latest hairstyle and would give you instant confidence. Just remember that you can recreate the magical style at home also.

General Beauty Tips for Busy Mothers

1. Remember to keep a water bottle with you at all times. Water flushes out the toxin from the body, hydrate and nourishes the skin, and maintains the glow of the skin. You can also squeeze half lemon to the water to get extra benefits.

2.  While cutting and chopping veggies in the kitchen, play some favorite music of yours.  This would soothe your mind and make you happy. Do you remember a smile increases your face value?

3. While taking a bath, add some essential oil like lavender oil or some rose petals for aroma.  The essential oil will also help you to revive your beautiful body.

4. If you do not have time for makeup, simply apply some mascara and you would look better with your beautiful eyes.

5. You can clean your hands with orange peels or lemon slices to make them clean and beautiful. Also, you may apply some milk cream to get soft hands. It would cost you nothing but would definitely improve your beauty.

6. Similarly, apply some cream or foot cream on your sole before going to sleep so that you can discover soft feet when you wake up the next morning.

7. You deserve beautiful skin. Take some time out for yourself and invest in yourself.