Ayurveda has provided solutions to the different problems that we face. It also has remedies and solutions for teeth problems. If you believe in natural treatment then follow these ayurvedic teeth care tips to attain healthy, strong, and clean teeth.

1. Use the twig of neem (margosa) or babul (also called Acacia Arabica) as a toothbrush to make teeth strong and clean. They would also ward off bad breath, plaque, and other dental problems.


2. Basil is another Ayurvedic teeth care herb. Dry its leaves and make a powder out of it and use the same for brushing. Alternatively, you can mix basil leaves with mustard oil to make a smooth paste. Use the same for brushing your teeth daily. It would ensure healthy teeth and gums. Also, it would keep your teeth sparkling white.

dry basil leaves

3. Avoid eating beetle leaf (or paan) if you want healthy teeth for the whole life.

4. Clove oil is good for keeping teeth problems at bay. Apply it daily on your teeth. You may also massage your teeth with the same by using your finger if you want white teeth. Sesame oil is also Ayurvedic Teeth Care a good option for the massage of your teeth.

Clove oil

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Other contributing factors gingivitis is:

5. Besides, you may also resort to herbal products for proper teeth care. These products contain essential herbs, natural ingredients, and nutrients that take care of your whole mouth naturally unlike the chemical products that may cause harm to the health of your teeth.

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Many times, our approach or habits cause us to suffer. Simple problems like tooth pain turn into large diseases that our ancestors had not faced. You do not have to burn your pockets to keep your teeth in place. The Neem Tree from India has been called a miraculous Ayurvedic tooth care herb and people in Asia, India, and Africa have been using Neem tree twigs as toothbrushes for centuries preventing tooth decay and gum disease. The twigs contain ingredients helping with oral hygiene.
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