Health Benefits of Neem


Neem: nature’s boon for mankind

Neem, which is one of the common names of Indian lilac, has been a very vital part of Ayurveda for ages because of its multiple benefits. There is a multitude of advantages associated with it with the most common being its availability throughout the year.

Some of the notable properties of neem are:

It is anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic.

Neem is anti-inflammatory.

It is anti-fungal.

It has analgesic properties, and so on.

Important health benefits of neem are:


Antibacterial properties are very helpful in the treatment of serious diseases such as chickenpox and smallpox. A paste of neem leaves is prepared and is applied to the skin of the patient after which he is made to rest. Here on, the anti-bacterial, as well as the soothing property of neem, gets to work. Apart from these diseases, neem is also used in the treatment of hepatitis B and herpes.

Neem as Contraceptive

Neem is also used as an effective contraceptive. It has been used for ages for abortion and birth control. Neem oil-soaked cotton is used for the purpose.

Neem for preparing of insecticides and pesticides:

Insects and pests are a big-time health hazard and neem is effectively used for the preparation of insecticides and pesticides. The liquid is prepared by mixing neem oil, liquid soap, and one liter of water. This solution not only kills the insects but also repels them to prevent them from affecting you any further.

Neem for curing asthma:

Neem is a very effective way of curing asthma. All you have to do is to start by taking 3 drops of neem oil and swallow it after keeping it at the center of your tongue. Gradually you have to increase the dosage going from 2 drops the next week, 3 drops in the 3rd week, and have to aim for one teaspoon within a period of 6 months. This method is widely known to cure asthma completely apart from also curing wheezing, phlegm, breathing problems, and cough.

Neem for peptic ulcer:

The extract derived from neem bark is used for the treatment of diseases such as a peptic ulcer. Consume the extract two times a day to cure ulcers completely within a period of six months.
Neem for treating diabetes:
With blood sugar controlling chemicals as its constituents, neem is a very reliable aid when it comes to the treatment of diabetes. Actually, neem acts like insulin in the body once it is digested and that is why it is so widely known for controlling the symptoms of diabetes.

Neem for teeth problem:

Last but not least, neem also treats problems related to mouth and teeth in a very good way. Many people use neem twigs instead of toothbrush and it keeps their oral hygiene perfect. 
These are some of the notable health benefits of neem but the list does not end here.
Neem is also a great asset in maintaining the beauty of your skin and hair.
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