Habits That Lead to Split Hair Ends

Hair breakage, shrinkage and split ends are a common complaint from women all over the world. However strange it may sound but it’s our own doings that bring such damage to the hair. But thankfully, it’s not too hard to get rid of these. Find out what may be causing the tips of your hair so much damage!


Talking on the phone and playing with hair

Isn’t that common? There is no shame in admitting to messing with hair tips playfully or solely out of boredom while talking on the phone. But whatever the reason, this is a bad habit, strangling the hair and contaminating the tips with all that it picks from the fingers.

Hair ripping (pulling out grey hair)

Certain specific hairstyles and techniques like twisting, backcombing, hair braiding, weaving, etc means pulling the hair, form the hair tightly and this may even lead to hair breakage. But the worse damage is suffered by the hair at tips in addition to the scalp. Whether it is voluntary grey hair pull out marathon or just a really painful hairdo, avoid being so harsh on the hair.

Chemically treated hair

Nothing drives the hair tips and roots crazy as chemicals that are processed into hair while getting it colored/dyed. Bleaching hair rips the essential natural oils of the hair and dries the tips out, leaving them to get split.

Heat usage/Hair products usage on hair without protection

Blow dryers, straightening-rods, curlers, etc may seem to be hairstyling essentials at first but their long term damage is excruciating and one of the side effects includes split hair. The heat also strips hair of its natural softness and alters the biochemistry temporary. In the long term, these changes weaken and dry out the hair tips and roots, often leading to split ends.

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Drying ingredients like harsh cleansers (detergents) and alcohol

The most basic part of hair-care is cleansing and using the right shampoo (mild ingredients, always check ingredients certification and clinical test results). Excessive harsh cleansing ingredients (alcohol) may lead to roughening of the hair, resulting in split ends.

Not getting haircuts or trimming done on time

So, going as natural is in fashion and you decided to let the strands flow free. Regardless of the desperation with which you are waiting for your hair to grow long, regular trimming should be received. Shunning out trimming procedure will keep enable more damaged ends and prevent hair from growing.

Internet is a bonfire of creative ideas but unless you’re an expert, don’t get your hair tied up in a mess of DIY techniques and products. The most important technique remains safe hair care, proper nourishment, and SPF protection.