Salons and barbershops offer a range of hair related services such as cutting, styling, and coloring of hair. However, with these hard times of economy worldwide, most people especially women have decided to venture into coloring their hair. This has also made possible by several different DIY hair-coloring products readily available in the market. Therefore, to color, your own hair is no longer a daunting task to do anymore.

In some instances, coloring your own hair at home cannot be a better idea. Therefore, if you have plans for the coloring hair without going to the salons or barbershops, there are certain factors that you need to consider before undertaking the hair coloring process.

Coloring Your Hair

Here are a few factors to consider before coloring your own hair:

1. Visit the Specialists

Different people have different natural hair colors, and those that have the same hair color vary in intensity. Your natural hair color may dictate the color of the dye you should apply. The decision for the dye color is best made by hair specialists since it is they that have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field. This is important to avoid your hair looking bad after the hair coloring process.

2. Are You Allergic To Hair Coloring?

Not everybody is a perfect candidate for hair coloring; some people are allergic to the dye used during the process. They experience discomforts like irritation, itching, and a burning sensation among others. As such, it is better to first find out whether you are viable for this process before you go on with the actual process. If you don’t feel any discomforting feelings during and after the sensitivity test then you are good to go.

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These are the first basic precautions to take before coloring. After you are satisfied that you are okay with the process, you can proceed to color your hair, but also observing these basic and important precautions and tips.

3. Fresh Air!

The chemicals used during hair coloring emit fumes, which may not be good for your health. They may make you feel nauseous or even induce vomiting, leaving you feeling sick and uncomfortable. It is thus advised that the room in which the process is taking place be well ventilated to avoid this.

4. Protect Your Skin

The dye may stain your skin if it comes to contact with it, leaving you with undesired marks on your body. It is thus advisable to cover every part of your body that may come into contact with the dye. For the forehead and neck, apply Vaseline to avoid the dye staining the skin. The dye may also drip to the shoulders, and as such, it is good to cover them with clothes. If however by bad luck the dye gets to your skin, you can minimize the stain by rubbing the affected area with cotton or soft cloth dipped in an alcohol-based toner.

These precautions are very important for your both health and final appearance outcome before embarking on a hair coloring process. You should also keep in mind that there are dyes that are permanent and others that are semi-permanent. If you are confident that you want to permanently stick with the new look then you are better off with the permanent dye, if not, the latter is your best choice.