Osteoporosis is a very common bone disease. Staying physically active is extremely important for you if you wish to stay away from this medical issue. The weakening of bones can go to extremes for a patient with osteoporosis. You also tend to increase the risk of some serious fractures. Exercising is the key to get rid of osteoporosis. Below mentioned are the few best exercises that will help you have stronger bones.

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1. Brisk Walk

If you wish to have a healthy bone structure, then brisk walking will help you achieve that. Just about 20-25 minutes of a brisk walk every day will offer a striking difference to your health. You should never increase the pace instantaneously; it should always be a gradual process.


2. Weight Lifting

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This exercise is a part of resistance training. This stresses a particular part of your muscles and bones. Weight lifting at least twice a week will stimulate the growth of your bones and will help to get rid of osteoporosis.


3. Tennis/ Squash

Racquet sports are the best for stressing your bones and muscles in your arms, shoulders, and wrist. Apart from that your hips and spine to get the benefits since you have to run so much around while you are in action.


4. Hiking

Trekking and Hiking Kasol

5. Dancing

You don’t have to be a great dancer to strengthen your bones. All you have to do is get lessons (preferably from a professional) in any of these- tango, salsa, foxtrot, samba, east coast swing, rhumba, or lindy hop. All these dance forms will help you build a great (strong) bone structure.


6. Tai Chi

This involves performing slow and graceful moves which eventually leads to building strong bones. This exercise works great with women of the postmenopausal stage as it slows down the process of bone loss.


7. Yoga

Yoga is no less than any one-stop solution! People who regularly practice yoga can see a sea change in their bone mineral density. Yoga helps all the bones that are vulnerable to getting fractured easily- wrists, hips, and spine. You can opt for any type of yoga. Iyengar, ashtanga, or power yoga each has their own benefits!


Apart from these, you can also opt for kickboxing, aerobics, step classes, etc. When suffering from osteoporosis, your main aim should be to strengthen your existing set of bones and stimulate the production of other supporting bones.

Important Tip: Whenever you are planning to set yourself on any exercise routine and if you also are a patient of osteoporosis, you should first see a doctor. A doctor’s recommendation will help you decide wisely about what and how much is right for you. Also, when you are doing the exercises, do it under the guidance of the experts. This way, you will be safe as well as healthy!


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