Wonderful Benefits of Dance you Need to Know

Dancing is often associated with celebration or happiness as we often relate the art of dance with good things. Lately, dance has taken a form of fitness, and Zumba is one of the best examples. People have started adding dance to their fitness regime as the benefits of dance work wonders for both mental and physical health.

Avail benefits of dance for mind and body.

Wonderful benefits of dance for all

Helps to lose weight:

Studies have proven that certain dance forms like Zumba and aerobic dance training have the same effect on your body like jogging or cycling. Due to the continuous movement of the body, the body excretes sweat which helps in reducing fat thus leading to weight loss.

Learn dance for strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Reduces stress:

While dancing your mind focuses on every dance step, due to this your mind is diverted from all your worries and tension. The song and rhythm soothe your mind and this helps in reducing stress.

Improves agility:

The ability to move or turn quickly is known as agility. The fast steps and quick transformations in dance help to improve your agility. If you dance regularly over time, it will increase your mental and physical ability. This is the reason why many national sports athletes include dance in their daily fitness regime.

Improves strength:

If you are not a dancer, initially your body may need constant pushing for dance movements and you may get tired soon. However, with continuous practice, your body adapts the changes and your strength and stamina improve over time. Dance forms like ballet help in building the core strength of your body.


Increases flexibility:

Dance requires continuous movements and stretching of your body parts. Every step that you perform needs movement of one or the other body parts, which you otherwise do not do. Dance forms like salsa and hip-hop make you bend, twist, turn, jump, etc., which helps in improving flexibility.

Strengthens arms and legs:

Although you use your whole body while dancing, the majority of steps include arm or leg movements. Moving or stretching your arms daily for 15-20 minutes makes your arms strong and reduce the flabby skin. Similarly, leg movement of 15-20 minutes every day strengthens your ankles and calf.

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Boosts your self-esteem:

Being a non-dancer always makes you envy your friends who dance well, this also reduces your confidence. When you learn dancing and can finally dance well it gives you a sense of accomplishment, which boosts your self-esteem.

 Health benefits of dance for senior citizens  

Dance your way to good health!

Improves memory:

As you age, your memory becomes weak. However, dance requires you to remember all the steps and the timing of the steps, and some formations too. This helps senior citizens to focus and remember things. Dance fitness forms like aerobic training sessions highly boost your memory.

Reduces isolation:

Often, old people feel isolated due to the lack of companionship, conversation, family bonding, etc. By joining dance classes, old people get a chance to meet new people, share things, get dance partners or groups, and keep themselves involved.

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Reduces arthritis pain:

Old age comes with many diseases and one such disease is arthritis. Dancing helps ease joint movements, which are stiff and sore. Through regular dancing, arthritis patients can easily free, stiff joint muscles and become more active which will reduce their pain. Ballet is said to be very beneficial in reducing arthritis.

Improves overall health:

Just like any other exercise dance also plays an important role in improving your overall health. Multiple studies have proven that dance helps in strengthening body muscles, improving metabolism, reducing stress and depression, increasing sex drive, fighting obesity, improving blood circulation, improving the functioning of the lungs, reducing acidity, improving sleep quality, strengthening bones, etc. Hence, dance helps senior citizens to improve their deteriorated health.

Irrespective of your age, dance is beneficial for your body largely as it not only keeps you physically active but also helps in improving your mental health and quality of life.