Correct Way of Cleansing of Facial Skin

Cleansing of Facial Skin

A properly washed face is the basis for good skin health and for cosmetic applications. Rather than using harsh oil soaps, you should find oil, a free cleanser that will not irritate your skin. Use your fingers instead of mesh scrubber. If you use a washcloth for cleansing of facial skin, you might strip the natural oils from your skin and this will lead to production an acne breakout and excess production of oil. Cleansing is the basic way of removing dirt, dust, and make-ups to those who apply them in their faces.

Cleansing of Facial Skin

Maintaining a good looking and healthy facial skin you are supposed to cleanse, rinse, and moisturize the skin twice a day when you wake up and before you sleep. The correct way of the cleansing of Facial skin should be done stepwise as illustrated below to ensure you have the best skin.

Remove make-up before washing your face

1. Use make-up remover mounted on cotton to allow water to reach the skin surface. Oil make-up will act as waterproof thereby minimizing the effectiveness of the skin cleanser.

2. Wash your face with water which is at room temperature.

3. You should not use very cold or very hot water to wash your face. High temperature aggravates pimples and makes the skin to be dehydrated. The cleanser will be efficient when uses with water at the right temperature.

4. Use a natural anti-acne cleanser that is fit for your skin type.

5. Dry skin should be cleansed with a stronger cleanser while sensitive skin should use a soft cleanser.

Apply a layer of cleanser on your face

Pour a small amount of cleanser in your wet palm and froth it then applies it on your face. You can dilute the cleanser before applying to the skin so as to activate the ingredients when they react with water. Do not apply a large amount as this might dry the skin. You should not scrub the skin hard as this will break capillaries and aggregate existing skin conditions. Using a cleanser within circular motion microbeads will do the proper scrubbing. To improve the flow of blood in your face skin you should rub your face gently with your hands.

Cleansing of face

Rinse and dry your face

You should rinse your face with water which is at room temperature and ensure you covered all the area you used a cleanser on. If you fail to do this it might result in some residuals which can block your face skin pores and aggravate acne. Pet dry your face with a clean towel which is soft. There are natural acne treatments which are herbal that clears pores, remove acne, and protect your face.

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Toning is also important after cleansing. It removes the residues from your face. Toning products are manufactured from organic components such as lemon, cucumber juice, and many others.


Moisturizing is also an important practice in facial skincare. It brings back moisture in your skin and it will naturally rejuvenate the skin cells. You should apply the cream to moisturize using your fingers and massage the cream on the face. Be cautious about the products which you are going to apply on your skin and avoid using products that have been made using synthetic substances and other chemicals to avoid skin disorders. The correct way of cleansing facial skin will enable you to have the best skin which will make you appear younger.

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