Toning- Herbal Toner or Astringent


Cleansing the skin is the first step in the skincare regimen. It purifies the skin from deep within. However, there may be some residual traces of makeup, dirt, oil, pollutants, and the cleansing lotion. To remove the leftover portions of the above, skin toning is the next important aspect.

Toning of skin

Skin toning helps to purify the skin further. It removes the remaining toxins, chemicals, and oil from the surface of the skin. Thus, the toning of skin rejuvenates and revives the skin. It increases blood circulation and assists in improving the health of the skin. A good skin toner maintains the natural ph level of the skin and prepares the skin for moisturizing. Moreover, the correct procedure of toning restores the suppleness and sheen of the skin. It delays aging and the formation of wrinkles and lines.


Toning is done after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing of the skin. The wrong method of toning can make the skin sag. Hence, follow the correct method of toning. Take some toner on a cotton ball and clean the facial skin in an outward and upward motion. The result will be an apparently glowing and clean skin surface.

Types of toner

There are two types of toner – Herbal and Astringent. Astringent contains alcohol that may or may not suit your skin type. Therefore, the selection of a good toner largely depends on the amount of alcohol present in it. In addition, one must be cautious in the choice of a skin toner in case the skin is dry or sensitive. It is preferable to go for herbal skin toner if the skin is dry or sensitive.

Usually, alcohol-based astringent is recommended for oily skin. However, if there is irritation or burning sensation, then such a product should not be used.

There always has been debate over the use of chemical products or herbal products. Chemical products seem to provide positive results but the presence of harsh detergents may speed up the aging process of the skin. On the other hand, herbal products manage the skin gently and generally do not have side effects. One can even prepare skin products with the help of natural ingredients.

Making a skin toner with items available in the kitchen is an easy job. Such toners would provide excellent results and protect the skin in a natural way. For example, tomato juice acts as a skin toner. One of the herbal toner recipes for dry skin is given here:

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Toner Recipe for Dry Skin

2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon glycerin
3 tablespoons of rose water


Mix well all the ingredients and apply it with cotton wool or fingertips onto the skin. You can also apply rose water diluted with mineral water for dry skin toning. Take precaution that it should not go in the eyes and avoid the upper cheek area and lips.

For detailed information on skin toner and natural recipes to maintain the healthy skin, check out “Natural Skincare Recipes-Homemade Recipes” to make your skin silky and smooth.

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