Nowadays it has become a natural behavior of human beings to adopt a quick-fix solution, as evidenced by the millions of facial surgeries performed every year in the US alone. These surgeries are quite costly and the possibility of side effects cannot be ruled out. In actuality, there are rare cases when the consistent application of natural therapies is not sufficient and surgical intervention is needed.

You may hear saying people are exercises work? On the one hand companies and manufacturers of anti-aging products say that facial exercises are a scam and they do not work whereas on the other hand people who have been doing facial exercises regularly tell others that they do work.


The best way to find out the factual position is to go for themselves for facial exercises and learn about the structure of the face. Your face is composed of skin, muscles, and tissues. These muscles are interconnected and are responsible for facial expression and other facial movements. These muscles are also directly connected to the skin.

How facial exercises work?

With age muscles in the facial area become longer, lose their tone, and causes fine lines and wrinkles. When you exercise, these muscles are strengthened, regain their tone, and elasticity. Facial exercises work by toning the different muscles in the face. Since skin is directly connected to the muscles beneath it, when these muscles are toned, the skin also stretches. Stretching of the muscles reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike products that claim to reduce or eliminate the wrinkles work on the skin’s surface as these topical products do not have the ability to penetrate the skin all the way to the muscles whereas facial exercises go beneath the skin and hit at the place where the problem starts. The effect of topical products is limited to the skin surface only but exercises work from the inside.

The correct way of doing facial exercises 

 You should not perform facial exercises without guidance. Wrong exercises may cost you heavily on your facial looks and are sometimes irreversible. Doing the correct set of exercises properly will give you amazing results. Some basic exercises of your face can help tighten and tone the muscles to prevent sagging and pulling down your skin. These will also help to give you a youthful glow by stimulating the blood flow. Two such exercises are given below:

Facial exercises

1. Tighten the muscles of your face in such a way as you look angry. Hold this position for a few seconds (5-6 seconds) and slowly release the muscles and put your face back in its normal position. Does this exercise five times to exercise those facial muscles which are seldom used?
2. Take a wide smile and stretch your lips as far as possible, aiming to reach each side of your ears. Simultaneously open your eyes as wide as you can and tighten your neck muscles while doing this. Hold this position for five counts and then slowly relax.

There are many other facial exercises you can try. You will find exercises aimed at specific muscles to help you deal with specific problems like crow’s feet and nose lines. You will be amazed to see how exercises help you look younger. There is a lot of helpful information you’ll find that’s all about helping you achieve your goal of a beautiful and glowing face.


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