Constipation in children, causes, symptoms and remedies

constipation in children

Constipation is a sporadic bowel movement, a common feature in many children. The studies report, among all the children visiting doctors for different disorders, 5% of children visit for constipation issues only. This happens when they get a hard and dry stool or when their bowel movement is not regular and limited to 2 to 3 times a week only. Then it’s the time to take notice and act to end the child’s agony.

Symptoms of constipation in children

Constipation in children normally is a temporary issue, which is sorted in a few days mostly. When they are constipated they show some distinctive signs and symptoms.

  • They could pass stool only twice or thrice in a week
  • It is hard for them to pass stool owing to a bad bowel movement.
  • They feel pain in their bowel movement and have sporadic abdominal pains also.
  • Blood traces found around hard stool.
  • When the child is generally uncomfortable going to the Jtoilet for the uneasy bowel movement.
  • When you notice child clenching stomach and buttocks besides crossing legs more often.

Causes of constipation in children

  • Slow bowel movement occurs when the body waste travels through the digestion system too slowly and becomes harder before it reaches the rectum.
  • Many children with this disorder try to hold back when they are busy playing or when they are not comfortable in public toilets. These factors also slow-down their bowel movement.
  • The hard stool becomes a horrific experience for them and they find it a hard task to pass it. They start avoiding toilets.
  • It happens when the child does not get a proper fiber-rich diet, enough healthy liquids, and veggies in the dietary routine. Constipation is also reported when young kids move over from liquids to solids.

constipation in children

  • For younger children, change in normal routine takes a toll on the bowel movement. There could be a change in waking up hours, change in the school routine, stress, or when they may be traveling more often.
  • Dairy product’s allergy such as cow milk could also be the cause of kids’ constipation.
  • Children can have constipation due to a hereditary pattern.
  • Some anti-depressants in medications can cause constipation in kids.

Remedies for constipation

  • A balanced dietary system is a must for a healthy bowel movement of children. It includes vegetables, beans, whole grain bread like high-fiber food in your child’s diet.

  • Inspire your child for more water intake.
  • Reschedule the kid’s toilet routine in the morning and after meals and stay strict that the kid uses a toilet on fixed hours.
  • Your child should not ignore natural body reaction to excrete. Holding back bowel movement will not be a healthy thing for him/her.

When your child needs to see a doctor

Call the doctor if there are some warning signs associated with the bowel movements such as poor body growth, weight loss, loss of appetite, blood traces in the stool, stomach ache, swelling around stomach, vomiting, or fever.

The doctor evaluates by asking about symptoms and pattern of bowel movement. If he finds the kid’s condition worse, he can seek the family history also.