10-Ways you can decrease your anxiety

Meditation and yoga exercises help a lot in dealing with panic attack.

Anxiety is a state of mind that develops in anticipation of a challenging situation. In fact, it’s a natural response to your stress or unknown fears.  This is an unforced mental reaction that could affect your normal health. However, you do not have any direct control over it, but surely you can manage it.  Here are 10 ways you can decrease your anxiety.

1. Decrease your anxiety with sleep

Sleep is a big healer of anxiety and mental stress. A 15-minute nap during your busy schedule is enough to bring back the balance to your mental response. It all depends on your stress level, if it is more, take time off for an hour to get a power nap while sitting down on your chair or couch.


2. Deep breathing helps

Deep breathing is one of your most powerful tools to control anxiety. Whenever you have an anxiety attack immediately take a deep breath. You will notice your anxiety decreasing to a large extent. Try practicing deep breaths by inhaling to fill your lungs. Hold for a few seconds before exhaling it out slowly; repeat a few times more for best results.

breathing exercises

3. Music to Decrease Anxiety

Music is one of the most accepted media to decrease your anxiety. It surely changes your mood, try some online music, your anxiety will decrease positively.

Music Therapy

4. Yoga

Yoga is a tried & tested stress buster and anxiety reliever. Try crescent moon pose, wrist and finger stretch, chair pigeon poses, or desk-plank pose to see your anxiety decreasing.

Yoga and meditation

5. Ask yourself

You cannot think straight in an anxious state of mind, as your brain stops working normally. Subsequently, you begin to reason out unrealistically. Just sit down quietly and ask yourself, what’s the big deal with the problem bothering you, is it worth the anxiety you are having? Soon, you will find a reasonable answer to your anxiety.

6. Laughter the best medicine

Comedies decrease mental tensions, as laughter is the best therapy for relieving anxiety. Watch a short cameo on YouTube or watch an animal or kids’ videos. Your anxiety will mild down soon.


7. Do not let anxiety rule your mind

Anxiety fogs your mind, it de-focuses you from your routine works or normal activities. Practice continuing to do your normal activities. Never allow anxiety to occupy your mind. Diversion from anxiety will help you decrease it to a minimum.

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8. Hydrate to keep anxiety away

A glass of water always helps, when you are angry or anxious, Why? Because water keeps your blood flowing down in your brain efficiently. Keep yourself hydrated when you are anxious or stressed. Water will offer more control over your brain, keeping the anxiety level low.

Regulates body weight with water

9. Uncluttered place decrease anxiety

When having an anxiety attack in the office or at home, check the environment around you. Keep things in an orderly way and observe your anxiety decreasing.

10. Exercise

For many, the best way to decrease anxiety is by having a workout or taking a walk around, it surely helps. Workout increases an overall sense of well-being and mood. Especially dancing, jogging, swimming, and other aerobic exercises cause a great improvement in anxiety symptoms.

stretching exercises

Implement the above 10 ways to decrease your anxiety and lead a happy life.

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